YOU SKIP ME AGAIN & ILL FIGHT YOU! (Uno w/ Chilled, Ze, Cheesy & Platy) -

YOU SKIP ME AGAIN & ILL FIGHT YOU! (Uno w/ Chilled, Ze, Cheesy & Platy)

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Some Quick UNO Games…we’ll be in and out in 20 minutes!

What is Uno?
UNO makes its return with new exciting features! Match cards by color or value and play action cards to change things up. Race against others to empty your hand before everyone else in Classic play or customize your experience with House Rules.

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  1. I can only imagine Tay playing this would be hilarious (especially with side)

  2. Ah yes uno the game where I'm so happy to be here and fuck you come together

  3. “Can we converse?” Ah so Platy is new to Uno

  4. The really remarkable thing is that this is an uno game that only lasts half an hour.

    Edit now that I watched through, and as was commented: multiple games. Wow.

  5. A 30-minute game that only would have taken ten if the server worked.

  6. 2:55 you played the blue 3 and then Cheesy played a blue 3 while you were blinking and you didn’t notice

  7. What year is it?!?! but srsly, really enjoyed some Uno, surprisingly.

  8. I wouldn't be opposed to some chill classic Xbox 360 gaming videos

  9. Did u know Ubisoft won't let you upload custom images anymore 🙁

  10. (Day 190) we’re still proud of you… we just want to see the fit pics for research…

  11. All I gotta say is the large corporations like ubisoft and ea usually don't give a damn about their servers for old games. For an old game such as this uno game, they'd rather just let the servers rot if they don't make enough money to please them

  12. It drives me nuts that he plays his lowest cards first. Why???

  13. Somehow it’s not the same without Smarty struggling to understand challenges despite having it explained 14 times.

  14. Then settle in street fighter 6 or Tekken

  15. As a siege player, the Ubisoft shit talk was so funny

  16. I like how with the cam placement it looks as if you have a pair of wing-looking ears.

  17. I can't recall this but has chilled ever mentioned why he doesn't put the 7 and 0 rules on? 🤔

  18. Anyone remember when Chilled and Ze duelled for the colour red?

  19. "wish my name was pan flute" hahaha fuck, got me

  20. Gotta love Ze pulling the ol’ “build ‘em up, succ ‘em down”

  21. After watching Achievement Hunter play Uno for 37 hours, watching them play this is so slow.

  22. I love how Uno can strike up to some great conversations. And you just never know what ANYBODY will say.
    And a great distraction while someone is piling up the cards from the +2s or +4s.
    Thank you, Chilled Ze Platy and Cheesy.

  23. I am so used to longer Chilled videos that I assumed this was over an hour of Uno, still a great video, I only wish it was longer!

  24. At what point do you start just calling YouTubers by their real names? Like Anthony, Steven, Max, and Zach.

  25. I really hope that early conversation is animated

  26. Why does Chilled keep drawing instead of playing the +4????

  27. Love seeing how sp33dy and side slowly corrupted everyone they play with.

  28. I finally finish watching AH's uno infinite only for this to pop up on my feed????? What did I do to the universe recently?

  29. is it just me or is that whistling in the background super annoying…

  30. So many hours were spent on Hexic HD. I LOVE that game.

  31. Speaking of monopoly, can you try to play a game or two in swiftors monopoly unibro league?

  32. The bad dragon discussion would have been a great one for Jeremy to have been around for given the Spyro inspired one he got sent.

  33. I would love them to do a stream for monopoly again,including the derp crew and Cheesy as well,I count him as an apprentice.
    I understand why they don’t play it anymore because people got easily pissed,but I do feel like that won’t happen if it’s the derp crew y’all know.Sure they will be salty,yelling at each other,but once the match is over they are still good friends and nothing really go too far.

    That’s also what I like about derp crew,they don’t take winning as serious as some others,even Galm(sorry to bring him up)who was the most competitive out of them all,eventually became a good sport in monopoly.The tension will be a lot lower than the last few matches he played,god I don’t want to experience it again… There were some dark moments that made you dislike some other streamers

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