WORLD'S BEST playing card domino effect?! #shorts -

WORLD’S BEST playing card domino effect?! #shorts

Gavin Wong Magic
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Is this the worlds best domino effect using playing cards?!

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  1. the domino is moving faster like an anime!

  2. POV: After they place the last card, everythinf starts falling

  3. Creating this would've entailed more stress than I could handle. One sloppy move or unforeseen event could've undone so much work.

  4. i have never seen someone use cards instead of dominos
    truly amazing

  5. Dang this is good. I think it should have more likes because of how cool it is. Amazing job👍👍😊

  6. Me seeing dominoes and Detective Conan: Finally, a worthy video

  7. If you didn't realize, for the images he just uses green cards and uses them as a green screen to put any image he likes.

  8. Would you please indulge us and let us know how long it took you to set up? 🙏

  9. turns on the car brrrrrrrr brrrrrrrr
    It sound like a car 😅😅😅

  10. He doesn't deserve an Oscar he deserves 1billion dollars and a gold medal 🏆🏅

  11. That was so talented! Turning a domino effect into a work of art.

  12. bro is the king of wasting time. not in a bad way

  13. how long does it take to set up all the cards like that?

  14. That is kind of like a trip I have been on lately 🤤

  15. Conan is my favourite character 😊😊😊😊

  16. מטורףףףףף❤❤❤

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