Win The Game or Draw 25 Cards | Uno w/ Markiplier & Pokimane -

Win The Game or Draw 25 Cards | Uno w/ Markiplier & Pokimane

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I’m REAL good at Uno guys. no one else even stands a chance against these SKILLS

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  1. sean sounded like a irish obi wan kenobi

  2. dallas was the board game. They played MURDER IN SAVANA

  3. Can we talk about how Sean confused a skip for a zero

  4. This was a year ago… terrifying how time flies. 100 more of those and we have completely new people🙃

  5. ¨longest uno game ever¨ , me who played uno for a entire school period in high school on the last day

  6. Imagine if Barbara (Wade’s bane of existence) was the bot they were playing with? That would be so funny.

  7. you couldve just let the normies try and figure out your last name, spedicey, jack, septiceye, and sean vs seán, but nooo. now they have to figure out seán vs jsean vs gesean

  8. Petition to have Valkyrae or Sykkuno join these three

  9. sitting here waiting for them to collab with the boys

  10. Sonic the hedgehog Orionburks voice acter says:

    I dont uno becuz I don't like to be lazy I like get up and run

  11. Legend has it that they're still playing that the Uno game till this day

  12. Dallas was the one Kevin had at the garage sale thing they had where they made the rules up as they went along bc they didnt have all the pieces. The office episode "murder" featured the game "Belles, Bourbon & Bullets" and that was the one where they all pointed finger-guns at each other.

  13. Pokimane: how did you go from 1 card to 9
    Me: how did you go from 1 card to 14

  14. I first watched this when I had no clue who Pokimane was and was surprised to see this video with her… Despite having seen it multiple times before

  15. My longest game of uno I played lasted 5 hours I sat through 5 hours of uno 5 hours of onu

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