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When you play a swap hands card in UNO

Sully 2345
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Huge game changer


  1. Plot twist: his hand had another swap hands card

  2. Ok so bro, not saying your bad, but here is some advice, don't look at the camera constantly

  3. he stole this i saw another vid just like this

  4. Instead of looking at his opponent, he looks at the camera

  5. That was hard to watch bro 😂😂 but keep it up

  6. Reverse doesn’t make it go back to you

    Check look it up if u dint believe me

  7. Dude you can't look at the camera the whole time

  8. I like the way he's constantly looking at the camera

  9. Ohhh so this is why everyone hates playing uno with me.

  10. Read the rules, it's not a "swap cards" card. You actually put all player's cards on a pile, shuffle them and them hand them out in even amounts.

  11. That was so cringy it physically hurt to watch

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