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when you have a REALLY good turn in a card game

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  1. Player eliminated for improper card order. He had to play good work ethic before cashing in the milk.

  2. Every first turn in you-gi-oh:
    Me: uhm, I set and pass

  3. Thank you Gavin for reminding me to rewatch this amazing video

  4. I’ve loved magic since I was 7 and have 4 commander decks. You should do a commander game where the commander is milkshakes

  5. I'm trying to image a somersaulting cheese factory

  6. How mathmathichian (its a hard word to spell) explains why 1+1 is 2

  7. He pulls the stop on legality on a black tea but not a gun

  8. This guy probably builds his deck around mooing infinite what a fucking dork

  9. Weird things in this video: 1. The good work ethic card says “good job”. 2. “Summersaulting cheese factory”. P.S. I know this video came out 4 years ago.

  10. This might be my favorite out of all of his videos.

  11. POV: you’re playing a game with someone who didn’t shuffle their deck

  12. You mean a mandatory first turn in yu gi oh?

  13. In response, I play board-wipe. You have nothing anymore.

  14. Love the StarFox 64 music in the background!

  15. Imagine being a driver and having to pay the toll fee from your own pocket

  16. Bro someone need to make these scits an actual thing

  17. Me: not bad. I play a plot device, automatically winning me the game.

  18. Anyone know where I can find the uncensored version?

  19. Was this card game invented by Dwitch Schrute?

  20. I went to my first Magic: The Gathering tournament last night, and this sketch is no longer funny, because that's just how everyone played!

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