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We Played Uno for Over 37 Hours

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Welcome to Uno: Infinite. Come along for the entire 37 and a half hour ride as we attempt to finish a single hand of Uno.
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It only took six years, but Achievement Hunter has finally recovered from the horror that is Uno: the Movie and is ready to return to the table. In Uno: Infinite, the AH crew has a deceptively simple goal — complete a single hand of Uno and then the game is over. However, the audience can extend the game by subscribing to Rooster Teeth FIRST. Even worse, at the top of every hour, a new card must be draws from the Uno Punishment Wall. Uno Infinite was streamed from September 9th-11th, 2022 and lasted a total of 37 and a half hours. That’s over 13 and a half times the length of Uno: the Movie!

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  1. Day 2: I’ve made it to 8 hours. Will continue the grind tomorrow

    Well i guess it would be more like electric beating 😂

  3. I'm glad I'm caught up at work…even at 2x speed I'm probably not gonna do much the next couple of days

  4. Frey-dee-doo!!!
    The hero of heroes! Champion of champions!

  5. Merch Idea: Coffee scented Uno car air fresheners

  6. This gave me a lot serotonin, reminds me of the old days lmao. Please make more like this

  7. oh my god…. im so happy this was uploaded

  8. Damn, immediately throwing shade at BK?! 😄

  9. Can anyone confirm that this is the longest YouTube video in history? I know for sure it's the longest this channel has!

  10. I think they all aged 10 years after this one

  11. Love the DJ…Idk what her name is, but cudos for trying to keep everybody awake during hours 4 – ? (idk yet). I wonder if they edited any of this?

  12. Was going to bed when I saw this video in my feed. I'm going to have to watch this in segments over the next few weeks. You're all psychopaths. I love it.

  13. …… well……. here we fucking go….. I thought the 3 hour movie was long lol

  14. How many decks of UNO cards did this take?

  15. I had stuff to do tomorrow…. Mimm 'll watch it 2 hours at a time

  16. There is so much bad maths in this but in the grand scheme it matters so little

  17. I'm about 3 hours in, and BK is so much fun.

  18. I heard that UNO: Infinite was posted and came by as soon as I could. Can't believe it's as long as it is!

  19. JOE The ceiling tile in your monster is healthier then the monster😂😂

  20. This will already be buried, but so happy to see Geoff, Jeremy, Gavin, Matt and Jack all together! I <3 BK and all the folks, but that crew in particular I love

  21. Ya know, at roughly 5:50:00 i was wondering how the hell this was gonna go for an entire other day and a half until "The decision"

  22. I remember a time where I told myself they were crazy to have done an almost 3 hour long uno video… now that vid feels short compared to this

  23. Am I the only one who wonders how long this took to render and upload?

  24. Simply not that good. Once again AH going overboard and killing the original

  25. Little does bk know she is going to end up with that stack of cards at the end of the end.

  26. 28mins in at 2:52 am … this is gonna be my white noise

  27. Could've just given us Uno: The Movie Part Dos. But you gave us Uno: Infinite. A video that never ends! If it ends for you viewer/commenter you're wrong! It doesn't end, it never will…. 😢

  28. "How did you miss 100???"
    Tbf the number literally went 629 to 731 in the blink of an eye.

  29. Love Michael but man was he brutal to Joe during night one… Joe says anything and Michael is classic "stfu, what are you even saying right now" Michael. After Jeremy left Dic-hael took over. Jeremy can give it right back to Micahel as well as he can take it. Same with Fredo which made it odd that he wasn't going after Fredo like he was Joe. And don't get me wrong, this has gotta be brutal for everyone it just really seemed like Michael was out for revenge on Joe for some reason imo watching it live and back.

  30. The Armando arc was my favorite, very well written. Really a showcase of the human condition.

  31. This is the first time I've seen a video time that had a day counter on it. I wonder how long this took to upload.

  32. This is one of those times when someone takes a movie and realizes it's full potential to make a TV show out of it and it completely works and might even exceed the original source material.

  33. At 800, I swear they've missed 30 subs on accident. Hope this gets fixed.

  34. Almost 8 hours in and I just realized that the duke is a draw 3 because he gets you 3 coins in coup

  35. Just curious to see, who here was around when Uno: The Movie RELEASED? Let me see where my good viewer buddies are!

  36. is there a second video of trevor just writing names on a wall?

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