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We Played Uno for Over 37 Hours

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Welcome to Uno: Infinite. Come along for the entire 37 and a half hour ride as we attempt to finish a single hand of Uno.
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It only took six years, but Achievement Hunter has finally recovered from the horror that is Uno: the Movie and is ready to return to the table. In Uno: Infinite, the AH crew has a deceptively simple goal — complete a single hand of Uno and then the game is over. However, the audience can extend the game by subscribing to Rooster Teeth FIRST. Even worse, at the top of every hour, a new card must be draws from the Uno Punishment Wall. Uno Infinite was streamed from September 9th-11th, 2022 and lasted a total of 37 and a half hours. That’s over 13 and a half times the length of Uno: the Movie!

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  1. Just got to two hours. Loved the part where Joe got tased for no reason whatsoever.

  2. 5 hours in and hasn't even just been background noise lol. Probably gonna be watching the entire thing

  3. Time to watch this on my lunch breaks for the next 90 days.

  4. Fun fact!
    Uno: Infinite is about as long as 13.6 Uno: The Movies

  5. As a grown ass man with a toddler, a career, and a wife I look forward to finishing this video in a month.

  6. Improvements for next time:
    – a clear acrylic card-shaped box to keep the cards neater
    – automatic card dispenser for each player

  7. I am now patiently waiting for the next sequel of this Uno franchise.

    I fully support Achievement Hunter making as many Uno Movies as there are Star Wars Movies or the Fast and Furious.

  8. This may be a 3 day video for me to watch lol

  9. this is essentially, another version of extra life

    BK getting in at 8 hs and 40 something minutes, Already loopy,tired and moody, it's actually a mood lol

  10. Watched the whole thing live but fell asleep the last half hour so had to check out the end

  11. I need a Uno Infinite glossary for all these new terminology lmao

  12. Just clicked the video, literally 37 hours. No shit. What a waste of suffering.

  13. I'm 1 hour in; HOW DOES ANYONE WIN THIS GAME???

  14. Sorry Trevor, the YouTube video needs the rules explained to them. This is not the moment to drive them to your site… To learn the rules … To your YouTube video.

  15. Anyone else gonna try to watch the whole thing😂?

  16. "There was a time, I swear, where this was almost over." -Michael 9 hours in (24% completed)

  17. A shame Hembo’s strong moral code prevented him from staying in the community’s good graces.

    Would have been a hell of a comp.

  18. I want someone to figure out which deck at the beginning of the game ended up being the winning deck.

  19. I truly appreciate the look on Geoff at the start as Jack does the first dealing after speedround.

    It is the look of a man realizing. OH THIS IS GONNA GET BAD! WE MAY HAVE MADE A MISTAKE

  20. There were more cards here than I had in my collection of Gen 1 pokemon cards.

  21. I watch a lot of paymoneywubby and never hear anybody else talk about hum, so it feels very weird to hear jack sing cat jam

  22. I've been watching this at 1x speed for the past few days and im only 7 hours in FUCK

  23. Bk looks so beautiful in this video without even trying!

  24. I love jumping back in to the video at a random point and getting a different vibe nearly every time

  25. This feels like the kind of thing you'd do for charity not to boost company earnings, but… Oh well, we get more Geoff at least.

  26. Jacks comment about 1861 being a "good year" wouldnt call it that, considering that was the start of the bloodiest war in US history XD

  27. Boy am I glad YT removed that 10 minute limit

  28. I am 6 hours in, and I have been watching michael randomize the hands he was given. the other three are sorting and he is creating chaos

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