WADE LITERALLY EXPLODES IN RAGE | UNO - notanothergamestore.com


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I don’t think I’ve ever seen Wade so mad at F$*KING BARBARA!!

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  1. i need these soundboards irl
    with Marks voice and tone

  2. I know all of you can agree that wade raging
    Out of anger is the best part of marks uno

  3. Someone needs to just make a meme or a gif or tik tok of just mark playing the red reverse and Bob's " …..oh thanks dude"

  4. Mark and Bob joking around while Wade is raging his ass off.
    Overall status:
    Mark = Joking around
    Bob = Semi-depressed?
    Wade = Rage machine

  5. I've never been so invested in an uno game ever. it just gets better and better the more I watch.

  6. I ‘be watched this so many times, but it’s still amazing

  7. I love these videos lol!!! What soundboard are you using?

  8. I love bob’s cackle, he sounds like my grandma and it’s so easy to laugh with

  9. Now I'm kinda wanna see Wade ACTUALLY play Rayman to see Barbara in her original game.

  10. Why does he hate Barbara so much? Who even is Barbara?

  11. Anyone know what Mark is using to record the voice messages bc I really want one now

  12. Imagine wades wife thinking who’s Barbara?

  13. if it wasn't for mark desperately wanting a profile picture, we would never have "You Right" as it is

  14. I think we know why Wade lost his hair.


  15. missed out on this gem since I last saw it a couple years ago.

    i needed this.

  16. Something about wade yelling Barbra is funny

  17. Never thought I’d see a grown man raging at uno 😂😂

  18. im just gonna say it. I LOVE BOB'S LAUGH. there i saidd it

  19. It’s funny how wade just screams at the end wade just loses his mind during this game

  20. This video will go down in Markiplier History

  21. i love at 28:18 mark and bob are like yeah all calm and wade is like BARBRAAAAAAA!!!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  22. 19:59 Here we see a grown man lose his shit over an AI programmed to play to win.

  23. everybody says bob is a nice guy but in reality if he talked to me with his cocky attitude I'd knock him the fuck out

  24. Wade: is angrier than the hulk subtitles: in Marge Simpson voice

  25. 4:54 wen I have to rime in class ‘fuck yellow fuck the pea’ ‘or derr derr me’

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