VANOSS JOINS THE TEAM! (2 VS 2 MATCHES) | Uno Card Game #35 Ft. Vanoss, Brian, Moo -

VANOSS JOINS THE TEAM! (2 VS 2 MATCHES) | Uno Card Game #35 Ft. Vanoss, Brian, Moo

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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Vanoss, Moo, and Brian join up for some team play in UNO, let’s do this! 😀




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  1. Since you asked here's me social security number 0-22-18-750

  2. it is all dusty lands,from COD MD 3,or the CSGO map,HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  3. thanks!
    lol that +4 top deck though! crazy! also, someone bring up that old ohm hashtag lol!

  4. Ohm"I need to find a +4" right when he pulls(draws one) ohm,and Vanoss(Evan) "oh shitt, oh fuck"😂😂 OMG ohm you are officially the luckiest uno player and the best YouTube OMG I love you

  5. I love how calm Evan is! Please play more uno with jon(del),Anthony, and Evan

  6. Hey Ohm, you still winning uno matches by playing a wild card on uno and topdecking?

  7. I'm sorry but the amount of dumb fucking decisions in this video actually pissed me off.

  8. Okay but I work at arby's and the amount of people who go there every day is crazy! I worked the fryer the other day and that shit is crazy! There would be like 5 minutes and nothing would happen and then BOOM fifty fucking people would show up and it just happend at random times, not just during the lunch rush there would just be a random fucking rush every 20 minutes!

  9. guys i from russia and i just like ohm and all of this peoples

  10. I want to play Uno with you Ohm. I love this game so much 😊

  11. Who else searched al dusty and noticed they have a youtube channel

  12. Soc security – 61636-1724827-2646gettrolled lul

  13. Ohm didn't link Al Dusty… What the hell?! That isn't fair!

  14. Al Dusty was probably jumping up and down lol

  15. Subscribe to AL Dusty please make AL Dusty great again😂😂😂

  16. I'm surprised none of the people in this group realize that you still get the +2s and +4s, even if the other person just won, because it counts for point values if you're using that rule. I think the devs either didn't think of or were too lazy to make it so that other games w/out point values didn't have that happen.

  17. vanos screwed over ohm. all he had to do was let him play his red 5 but he had to jump in like an idiot. look at your friends hand before you do that shit.

  18. 5321 and my bank info is

    Guacamole penis truck

  19. You forgot to include Al Dusty in the description…

  20. 5:00 "Oh!" "Oh Oh!" "Oh…" "Aaaaaaah!"

    So verbose.

    8:00 AI Dusty is the best Let's Player. You should see its Fallout 4 gameplay. It's glorious.

    18:00 To stop the game from screwing you on Uno calls, all you nees is U.

  21. I was chill until Terroriser called Ohm sweaty. So now, I'm convinced he's the most toxic mem of Vanoss Crew.

  22. Welcome to one of my favorite episodes of UNO yet, these rounds were not only intense but there were some genuinely stupid funny moments! Luck was jumping from person to person too, it was hard to tell at any point who'd win! Those sorts of situations always make for the best rounds of UNO in my opinon! 😀 Thank you for watching the video, lots more great stuff to come in the upcoming days so stay tuned!

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