UNOTALE: Card Game - Release Trailer -

UNOTALE: Card Game – Release Trailer

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UNOTALE: Card Game is an Undertale implementation of the famous card game where you try to eliminate all your cards first! I’ve been working on this since March 14th because I wanted to try to recreate Uno, and that’s what I did.

GameJolt Page:

Thanks to Team Switched for allowing me to use Asgore’s house from TS!UNDERSWAP in this trailer. You should totally play TS!UNDERSWAP too, by the way:

Discord Server:

Thanks for watching the video!!


  1. Hi! I'm new to this channel and I have a question. Are you still making UNDERFELL animation? (My English is bad, sorry ;-;)

  2. This seems like the best undertale card game since undercard

  3. sans really did a cowards way out with the wild card

  4. This is the best Undertale thing I’ve seen ever.

  5. I love it





    You are determined

  6. Holy shit you foreshadowed the under renovation room in deltatraveler

  7. can yu release the game for android please?

  8. I don't know why I am laughing so much

  9. This is literally the only way I play Uno now, thank you based Ryno

  10. When Toby Fox drank too much ketchup and played UNO:

  11. The AU to end all AUs. the UNDERTALE fandom can end now, we've peaked.

  12. i'm probably the only one thinking this but… dosrune when? (yes dos is a real game. it's the official sequel to uno that really exists somehow)

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