Uno's Special Rule for the Wild Draw 4 Card - How to Play Uno - Tutorial - Step by Step Instructions -

Uno’s Special Rule for the Wild Draw 4 Card – How to Play Uno – Tutorial – Step by Step Instructions

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There is a special rule for the Wild Draw 4 Card in the Uno card game. The Wild Draw 4 Card cannot be played at any time, it only be played in special circumstances. Watch the video for all the details. This special rule is not widely known. This special rule means that the Wild Draw 4 Card is different to the regular Wild Card.


  1. Bills scared…omg wild card next 🏈💪🌞🎉🎉

  2. But can you play the +4 draw card on a +2?

  3. When You Play This Card You Get To Choose the Color that Continues play plus the next player kust draw 4 cards From the draw Pile and lose their Turn however, there is a hitch! You may only play this card when you do not have another card in your hand that matches the color on the discard pile but it is acceptable to play this card if you have matching number or action cards if turned up at the beginning of play return this card to the deck and pick another card

  4. This is 100000% a new rule I have an original uno deck from the 90s with. The ORIGINAL rules and there is ZERO indication of this new rule. New era new rule but this is not an original rule

  5. Can i put "draw 4" on oponents "draw 4" cart and then he has to take 8 cards?

  6. So if someone challenges you to the Draw 4 WC, you have to show him all your cards? 🤔

  7. Can we play plus four card in last hand ?

  8. If you challenge a player and are right.. do you go or does the person pick up 4 and still lay down?

  9. I'm so confused htf +4 Works in uno game Like I don't have any color card of that card still I pick it like wtf

  10. Its uno not U-no
    You say it as "you know"
    Its actually "ono"

  11. When i play wild draw 4 card…is able to other one play the same card and the third pick up 8 ?
    (please tell me)

  12. If the challenge is successful, and the person who played the draw 4 illegally chooses red, does it stay red? Or does the person who correctly challenged get to change the colour? Or is it the same colour as it was before the Wild draw 4 was played.

  13. what if I drop the wild draw 4 card when I have wild card on my hand? Is it illegal? or not?

  14. we've been playing this all wrong… i mean not all only the wild draw four. I thought that when you drop the wild draw four, the player that you drop can counter it with power ups (action cards) except for the action cards with colors. you can counter it if the player drops the wild draw four and pick a color (for example yellow), you can counter it if you have yellow action cards. If not, you get the four cards and skip. but if you counter it with plus 2 cards, the 4 cards will draw to the player who drop the wild draw four plus 2 cards. Damn…. at least this game is challenging. Our punishment when one of us lose will get baby powder in face and never remove it until we get home

  15. Thank u, I now get the way of the draw 4 🙏💕☺

  16. i mean dude its spanish for number 1 and its pronounced ooooooknow

  17. Thanks that's so much clearer

  18. i would recommend this to youtubers who doesnt know the challenge rule (Steam/PC Uno)

  19. if a person is challenging me , to know if i'm guilty or not do i show him my Cards ?

  20. To play challenge or decline, think before you decide if the previous player played illegally if he/she has a another card that is a same color to the discard pile which is the previous color before placing the wild uno draw +4. If guilty the previous player gets 4 cards himself/herself however, if the previous player is innocent and you are doing it illegally, draw +4 cards adding +2 which is the total of +6 cards

  21. Why is it considered to be played if there is a matching number or symbol?

  22. Also rule co times with the word matching card not only color
    This applied to put 4+ on 2+

  23. Thank you 🙏 I couldn’t understand the wild draw 4 card for the life of me

  24. Anyone playing the mobile game how can you challenge the +4 card?

  25. If challenged someone me. if i have wild card also Wild draw 4 card then?

  26. Thank you for teaching me how to play "you know"

  27. OMG this was confusing me so much thanks for the explanation

  28. Cheers. Just bought a pack of cards and has absolutely no idea how this rule worked

  29. It's pronounced 'OOH-know', not 'YOU-know'. 'Uno' means 1 in Italian and Spanish, referring to the fact that you have to say 'Uno' when you have 1 card left (even though that's grammatically incorrect in both languages, but that's not the point).

  30. Should challenged person show his cards he's having the person who challenged him? I didn't get that completely. Pls someone help me with this!

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