uno with michael, toast & wendy (: -

uno with michael, toast & wendy (:

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  1. Play 0-7 with draw when no match and expected it to end in timely manner? 😂

  2. The editing on Michael's fish is top notch

  3. I once played an almost 7 hour game of this, I know the pain

  4. I click on one lilypichu video and scroll down, there's of list of suggested products ads, it's suddenly all mountain dew, what the fuck did you do lily?

  5. You were playing uno
    Toast was playing chess

  6. the fish talking was my favorite part🤣🤣

  7. Michael and Lily doing anything brings me joy

  8. lilys mustache is a filter
    "my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined"

  9. That michael fish "um umumm" really good! lmfg

  10. This is just the invincible “WHATS 17 MORE YEARS”

  11. Lily… I love watching people play Uno online like this because it is just so hilarious watching them lose their minds.

  12. Can anyone tell me what app of uno they playin

  13. whenever heubert's mouth moved i fucking died

  14. new fan also play with poki if you can:D

  15. The second game was the definition of abject suffering. Someone high up on the ethereal food chain, most likely Loki, was laughing as they pulled more and more cards from the deck.

  16. Why am I surprised micheal is heubert69

  17. Hahahahahahahahauahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaaha

  18. I genuinely wonder how long that second round went on for

  19. I wanna see Gordon Ramsey and michal have a screaming match

  20. This is why you don’t use both 0 and 7 rule

  21. Lily: I fear no robot. But that thing…
    0 and 7 card
    It scares me.


  23. how the hell does my discord notif perfects time the part when they swear

  24. girlfriend: i wanna die
    boyfriend: lets go!

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