uno with michael, toast & wendy (: -

uno with michael, toast & wendy (:

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  1. i feel likev she just puts michael in the like text thingy and every one is intrested
    just me

  2. 5:38 is funny as hell, i just love the gasps and then the "eughEheE"

  3. i would hv love to see everyones faces….maybe something for future vods

  4. I swear Wendy is the cutest and most lovely girl that i have ever seen.. shes the best

  5. Am I the only one that saw that micheals cards in the title picture were 6 and 9

  6. Michael: let's gooooo


  7. how can you play uno while sober??? ya lunatics

  8. UNO can be hell whoever play it can play it for many hour in one dame game

  9. I love how this 20 minute long edited video is literally only 2 games

  10. toast at the end just dead inside like "here lily."

  11. Why does this "(:" scare me but not this ":)"

  12. I love how she thinks she’s in their head just cuz they said one thing. Also they knew the card she kept was either red or wild.

  13. 7:43 This Danganronpa song still haunts me to this day

  14. CAN ANYBODY TELL ME THE SITE TO THE GAME?? me and my friends rlly wanna play it ^u^

  15. ah yes, the duality of Uno with the 7-0 Rule:

    Everyone wants the game to end, but nobody wants to lose

  16. I picture Michael actually believing that it goes "uno, dos, trio" hahaha

  17. heubert-69 is the uno god, even though he is shit

  18. This is why I never play with the rule "draw till you get a card that plays" lol

    (You just draw one and if it doesn't work you're skipped)

  19. I don’t identify as a boy I identified as a nazi


  21. "There should be no reason to justify a fake mustache" – Harley Quinn

  22. As soon as Michael was going to play, I knew this entire session was going to be pure chaos.

  23. "i want my friends to play it"
    there is no such thing as friends in uno

  24. Draw to play makes me thankful there's only 54 cards in a deck of cards. I assume there's the same amount in a uno deck.

  25. Toast pulled a “call an ambulance but not for me”

  26. Is it just me ? Or did this give anyone else anxiety 😂😂

  27. DOes NOboDY SEe THe thumnail
    Michel has 69 nice

  28. Lily: "I cant wait to see the boys fight! its going to be so fun!!"

    What really happens: depression and everyone's spiral into madness … Ft. Lily wailing in agony every few minutes

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