UNO with all rules -

UNO with all rules

blind man Smith
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Thats right all rules on. Uno against The computer. Next time play online. If you want to play let me know time and we will play.Do not forget to hit like.



  1. He can’t be blind! You can put colour blind mode on and plus how can he tell the difference he’s colourblind(Not trying to share hate!)

  2. 1:27 misplay you could of played the 8 to stop him from winning

  3. Who plays Uno with all the rules?

  4. really?uno rules is not what here unreal rules unlike :/

  5. anyone knows what does challenge when you do 4+ means?? like you got challenge and then you get an option to do challenge or draw and what the challenge i dont understand

  6. Huta ganon pala yun hahhahhahahahahh dedma kami sa 7 eh sa 3 sa iba pa hahha

  7. But in real life they never follows the rules

  8. Why does it give me two cards every time I get an uno?

  9. Yeah, but you have never tried to play uno with a color blind guy…we made a music video about it, if you want to check it out

  10. can i play any card at the same time with wild card? (example: i have no yellow card. i throw green card with a wild card) or i can only throw a wild card alone ?

  11. So 7 can switch card set for one 0 for all..aha


  13. U know that in 1:26 Al pudding didnt call Uno and they didnt noticed!

  14. UNO’s AI is much better that sekiro and dark souls

  15. What is the name of this uno called bc I never can get this type

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