UNO Ultimate Edition - Fenyx's Quest Official Trailer | PS4 -

UNO Ultimate Edition – Fenyx’s Quest Official Trailer | PS4

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Get the complete collection of one of the most iconic games with the UNO Ultimate Edition, containing UNO, UNO FLIP!, UNO Fenyx’s Quest, plus themed cards featuring Just Dance 2017, Rayman, and more.


  1. Леонардо Декларация says:

    Ого игра – Мусо Рщик

  2. So this explains the 3gb update I got this morning

  3. Athena loses to Ares


  4. Nice but i buy uno on ps4 only with a sale because uno is cool but not for ever

  5. Lame woke Ubisoft womxn lol what morons

  6. The same game from playmarket but with gods instead. Why play on ps?

  7. was to be expected I guess but this is awesome nice to see a update for UNO spent too many hours on it as it is xD.

  8. Vanoss and his friends are gonna play this.

  9. My uno dont work for my ps4. My console just doesn't see my phone. I bought a game, but I can't play it…. Sony's technical support is also silent… What should I do

  10. DaParty is gonna have a blast with this one! Lol

  11. I hope that Markiplier plays this with Bob and Wade

  12. All these updates and I STILL cant adjust the number of players in a match?

    Sometimes people want 2 or 3p games.

  13. I'll just watch Mark, Bob and Wade play this. 🙂

  14. "No, you" but at a whole another level. Lol.

  15. Did this game already run out of content that they have to give it a card game for a gimmick?

  16. Discord mods/admins be like: “Hit her with the +4 card if she be 14” 🧠

  17. so this is their aim all along, that action rpg was just pr for this main game

  18. Let’s hope they update playlink si se can finally play Uno flip at home with 4 people

  19. Can't wait for Daparty to play this deck

  20. Não está funcionando no Playlink.

  21. 買ったのにできませんでした(´⊙ω⊙`)

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