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UNO Triple Play – UNO Games

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How to play UNO Triple Play. For more UNO videos, check out the UNO playlist:

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0:00 – Intro
0:47 – What’s In the Box
3:43 – Setup
4:20 – Play
10:49 – Keeping Score

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  1. Blue knight and fire demon fire demons club says:

    The wildcard change is the worst game mechanic change of all time.

  2. Hello. I got the UNO Triple play. I have a question. When the game end, how can I reset the machine, Beside off and on again? I tried to long press the yellow button but it’s just tuning the volume level.
    Thank you.

  3. Way too complicated. Old fashioned uno is where it’s at. I was really excited to get this triple play but not now

  4. I'm speak spanish , Not understand So much the english 😭😭😭

  5. What if you played Triple play AND incorporated Uno Flip cards into it🤭

  6. Thankyou. That was very precise and easy to understand. Can’t wait to finally play this.

  7. Great explaining only trouble we are having now is on timer mode if the person has to skip how do we restart the timer?

  8. 1) playing the last card and the location is over loaded. Do you draw the card?
    2) if play the wild give away last, do u draw and give away for the points
    3)when a player has no play, how does play advance? Does the next player use the current available slots, in the timed game the counter is almost done, if the player with no play selects a slot, and it overloads, does he have to draw. He should, otherwise he could just say he has no play when he has to play a location that’s about to overload.
    4)Playing for points, last play is a draw 4, does next player draw 4, or as soon as he plays the last card, the game is OVER! No more actions can be played…

  9. thanks for showing how to play this new uno game i think i will be getting it

  10. I love the way how you demonstrate how to play the game.
    Q: If I have the last two cards with a card "discard two of the same color" along with another card, do I need to call Uno? or just place and win the game?
    Thank you

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