UNO Switch Gameplay - 1st Play - Raving Rabbids Deck - Card Game - Nintendo Switch -

UNO Switch Gameplay – 1st Play – Raving Rabbids Deck – Card Game – Nintendo Switch

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Let’s play UNO, on Nintendo Switch! We’ll use the Rabbids deck

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  1. Now they just need to add gwent and I’m happy

  2. it show me when i go to online {we are unable to connect Ubisoft server} any help please ? in Nintendo Switch

  3. Hey, how are you able to record a video with audio on Nintendo switch?

  4. Is anyone else having some serious issues with matchmaking online? Either I get cut out, or it seems to get desynced. And on top of that you can’t even invite friends to a room. All of this feels weird to me because Uno on Wii did all of this just fine. First the loading issue with Monopoly, and now this with Uno, c’mon Ubisoft! Simple games like those shouldn’t be having those kinds of issues.

  5. can't play online with friends that needs to be changed

  6. R.I.P. playable Mii characters,
    and unlockable puzzle pieces that unlock backgrounds when solved?

  7. Does the online play work? Meaning does it find a match in a reasonable time frame and continue until the end without dropping?

  8. Why are you pressing every card when it’s obvious you can’t play one? Just draw.

  9. Lol Idk why I needed to watch an UNO review but I enjoyed this and I'm getting it haha

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