UNO Super Mario Card Game Opening -

UNO Super Mario Card Game Opening

Markis Pea Welby
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Whatever you do, don’t write on the custom cards with a permanent marker.

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  1. Super Mario UNO CardsMario : 1Luigi : 2Wario : 3Waluigi : 4Peach : 5Daisy : 6Donkey Kong : 7Diddy Kong : 8Toad : 9Yoshi : 0Enemies : Draw 2 CardsPipe : ReverseStomp enemy : SkipBowser : Draw 4 Cards (Wild Card)Koopalings : Wild Card? Block : Customize Card Rule (Wild Card)Mario's Superstar : Invincible Power (Wild Card)

  2. Did you know that there is a “UNO Mario Kart” game?

  3. I got one of those before you😄 but amazing video

  4. Thanks for the Video. I really like the special rule in this Uno.

  5. I play uno but do not go to my age 8 👍🧑‍🎤

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