Uno Spin Card Game Basics -

Uno Spin Card Game Basics

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A quick introduction to the game Uno Spin.

ETA: 1/7/2015
This video was originally made for my Games class that I teach at school. Each week I upload 3-4 game descriptions and videos to our class website so the students can get a head start on learning how to play them before class. With only 45 mins to play, it makes it easier if the students aren’t going in cold turkey.

I’m glad it’s been helpful to other people, too. 🙂


  1. If you have one card and was told to discord all cards of the same color, can you still drop that one card or does it have to be multiple?

  2. no esta en el otro mundo el ingles 

  3. Instructions are not clear enough, I ended up drunk at a Hanna Montana concert

  4. You should get uno power grab and make a video its a good game

  5. I don't know why but my one does not have the spinny patern even once. And it is uno spin

  6. how big are the cards in uno spin? are they the same size as regular uno cards?

  7. this work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!

  8. i have uno spin travel so it didn't work but thx

  9. aaaaaa le c*nnard le uno wizz en magazinzin est en rupture

  10. Thanks for the instructions . I got I now lol

  11. andrew i have a question so if u or i play the wild card can u use it back agin

  12. Thanks for the great tutorialand this game is awesome!!

  13. I wish those wheel effects were just added cards 🙁 hehe

  14. Congrulations!!!
    You got a message of this comment 😀

  15. I found an undo spin thing without the cards.
    I was gonna play it with normal uno cards, but I guess I can’t.
    I’ll find a way to determine which r spin cards.

  16. Ur voice is cute 😁😁😁

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