UNO SPEED CHALLENGE 💨😲 #uno #unogameplay #unocardgame #howtoplayuno -

UNO SPEED CHALLENGE 💨😲 #uno #unogameplay #unocardgame #howtoplayuno

Real Life UNO Battles
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We play using some of the Original Uno Rules, check them out here ►

The “Wild Customizable Cards” are “Discard cards” which means a player can play all the matching colour cards in their hand. Another discard card can be played on top or a matching colour card.

For video purposes – whenever a player shows the back of the card to the camera that indicates that they only have one card left. UNO!



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  1. Guys 😅 when we filmed this we weren’t sure if we’d use the original audio. So the way that we “said” UNO then was by showing the back of the card. Thanks for all the call outs 😅 but Player 1 did “say” UNO.

  2. usually someone can't win with wild cards (blocks, reverses, +2 and +4s) but if it's your rules then it's ok 🙂

  3. What is the uno cards for cash 💕💕💕

  4. Why didn’t player 2 played the blue 4 after player 1s blue +2?

  5. A bunch of people in comment who dont even rules.

  6. You can't end the game with 2+ 4+ etc

  7. You kan not go out with black kard you have to pick up +2 kards

  8. Bro didnt switch cards when he put down a 0

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