UNO Show 'em No Mercy card game -

UNO Show ’em No Mercy card game

Lamarr Wilson
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  1. Rules:allowed stacking Roulettes cant stackYou need to draw until you can playNew cards:Colored draw 4,reverse draw 4 wild,skip everyone,color Roulette, drw 6 and 10,discard color

  2. Th3 fart at the end😂😂😂😂

  3. I love combining this will all wild

  4. I’m getting this within a week, I am about to have that same evil look on my face as I give the person with 30 cards a draw 10

  5. Bro i wold be so done with all my friend if they said lets play uno and pull out this

  6. You play this game with your friends and that’s how you can have no friends forever

  7. I DO NOT recommend playing with friends, you will hate them

  8. Uno show no mercy is it crazy game me and my family played it and while we was hooked, I can’t even go back to play the original Uno no mercy is so much fun

  9. You are going to lose hundreds of Friendships with this version of the game 💀🙏🏻

  10. I can just picture the chaos that would ensue during this game

  11. Wr rage quitin with this one 💀🙏😭

  12. I love the no mercy you gotta show me that one😂

  13. “If you collect 25 cards in your hand you are out” interesting I definitely need to buy this

    Edit; finally got to play it lots of fun definitely recommend getting it

  14. Now that's a man-nye-ickle
    Laugh for you.

  15. I have played it and you make some that has one card left and make draw 10 cards, it is just evil.

  16. That laugh sounded like the start of feel good Inc. 😂

  17. Nah. UNO on Xbox 360 with the Vision cam. Now that was no mercy.

  18. Played this last Saturday and it was so much fun.

  19. Ooo! I'm down for that! Cheaters beware! The last note could have been the end of Coming to America's "Queen to Be" song!

  20. That laugh got me dying on the floor 😭😭😭😭

  21. Does Lamarr do videos anymore or just shorts? Asking to see if my YouTube is trippin

  22. They must’ve been working on this collab for a couple of years now

  23. LamarWellston Can you start posting YouTube videos and YouTube shorts

  24. I heard the start of Feel Good Inc. And the end😂

  25. I want one, but no is to my country yet

  26. That laughter is so sinister, even the stare at the end adds that in even more! 😅

  27. Aye Lamar what’s the best pc ion have one 😅 but js wanna kno

  28. dashie ready for a fight if that draw 10 hit the table

  29. This version somebody feelings getting hurt

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