Uno Roboto - The Interactive WILD Card Game, Mattel Toys -

Uno Roboto – The Interactive WILD Card Game, Mattel Toys

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​​​UNO Roboto is a super fun game! it ended up being part of family game night! The best part was making up fun names 🙂

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was such a fun game to play. Making up names for each player was one of the funnest parts of this game. As you play, the UNO Roboto will play the recorded name and something that needs to be done, like a special house rule or even to have players switch all cards. So if you are holding UNO, you could end up giving it to someone else! This will stay in our game collection because it ads a fun new twist to a game we already love to play, UNO!


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Roboto أونو “Uno 机器人” “אונו רובוטו” “宇野 Roboto” “우노 토”


  1. I like the waterprove uno cards the best. This seams really funny.

  2. Should the title be 'Interactive' instead of 'Interacive'? =/
    I like the H2O uno cards the best, have you tried then before?

  3. This looks fun! I think I need to get it!

  4. Can you plx do rummykub I have no idea hiw to play I need help

  5. I'd give it a shot (: can't hurt to try a new twist to a old fashion game (:

  6. i love your videos lucky penny shop 

  7. Your videos are really awesome LuckyPennyShop !!  🙂
    i liked and subscribed 😉

  8. Today in my camp me and my two bffs where playing uno

  9. How much money do you think you have spent on all your products just wondering

  10. My name in rick from the philiphines can you send me just one toy pls can you package it

  11. Nice video dude.i wish can play with you uno game

  12. Why Is He Saying Uno Robotto Like It's Spanish!?!?!?

  13. eu tenho ele eu e minha prima fizemos um desafio

  14. I Want that game so much!!!!😎🙌😂😆😅😄😉😊

  15. I've played UNO,come to my 🏡 and play with me

  16. Lucky penny shop your cool I liked and subscribed

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