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Thank you for watching this video about the UNO Minimalista deck. I will be using this deck in future UNO videos!

0:00 – Intro
2:25 – The Cards
6:34 – Card Comparison
10:23 – Outro

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  1. people be going crazy with minimalism tryna cope rn 💀 to me those oversimplified logos look even worse lmao. fr tho uno needs a card redesign, current one looks dated and maybe they could look at the card design of the Roblox uno-inspired game "LOCOfficial!" and base their designs off those

  2. Honestly, I really like the minimalist version of UNO but it doesn't always attribute some aspects of the original UNO

  3. I wish they would being back the H2O deck. That was cool

  4. For a first time uno buyer would you recommend deluxe or minimalists deck.

  5. Wow those new uno cards look epic, and I just found out that I own the 2003 version! 😀

  6. I really like this new design.might have to buy myself a new deck now… Looking forward to all your new videos.your channels going from strength to strength. (maybe a interview with someone from Mattel would be good).

  7. I really wish they made an outline
    Even a small black outline

  8. I’ve seen this on the artist’s instagram and there was 2 new cards, swap hands and mirror.
    Even if we get it, there’s 8 wild cards. We need answers!

  9. Usually I hate minimalist designs but this I like. I probably couldn’t play with it every time I play but it’s still really cool and I’ll definitely be getting it

  10. This is the perfect example as to why Uno should NEVER take the oversimplification route.
    This hurts my eyes! D:

  11. I kinda hate this this is the worst Uno design for me

  12. I got this deck some days ago. When I was searching this online, I was really impressed by how clean the design and the colors looked. They do look so much better in person. I love this version!

  13. They should have made all the cards black, and only put the numbers and the symbols in color, the same way they did with draw 4 and wild cards. That way you wouldn't be able to tell the color of the cards from the side. Otherwise, great design though.

  14. I feel that this deck is so boring. I much prefer the older designs

  15. I know I'm a little late on this, but let me try and explain the extra cards thing.
    In more modern versions of Uno they also include 112 cards, however four cards are blank rule cards, where you can write your own rule on the card and do what it says when it's played. This version of the game doesn't have that, however to keep the deck at 112 cards like most modern Uno games are, they added the extra wilds.
    Why they went with other wilds is completely up in the air, but they might have kept it at the same number so they could use the same printing processes, since most modern Uno games have 112 cards.
    Just my little theory.

  16. Interesting deck but I'll stick with my special Mario Uno deck.

  17. use nail polish on the sticker if your careful it will remove the sticker with no residue and no damage to the box.

  18. The dumbest version of Uno ever. It’s as if they no creativity. It’s also double the price of regular Uno.

  19. The 2015 deck added 8 wilds in total. I may be wrong but that’s the deck I have

  20. Which one is more durable the 50th anniversary one or the minimalista ?

  21. IIRC, this design was made by the guy who's credited in the box, Warleson Oliveira, a Brazilian publicity designer, as a personal project, then he uploaded it into his Instagram. This is where I don't have it clear, but apparently Mattel heard about this design, and I don't know if they signed an agreement, but now we have Uno Minimalista.

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