UNO Minecraft Card Game Opening -

UNO Minecraft Card Game Opening

Markis Pea Welby
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The Creeper card plays the role of the special rule. Beware of it!
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  1. If you don't know minecraft then why you buy it ?😂

  2. I thought this game felt like a fake with its poor quality cards, print on the box and typos in the instructions

  3. Wai-wai wait, did you said 40+ card game?!?!

  4. I already own the original UNO cards game but really want to buy the Minecraft version as well because I’m a huge Minecraft/Nintendo fan and UNO is my favorite cards game. I love the idea of the UNO reverse card being a villager trade card as well as the creeper exploding and making everyone around you pick up 3 more cards. It looks like regular UNO but with a delicious twist of Minecraft flavoring added to it.

  5. I have bts,ben-10,justice league,junior uno and ofcource a original one though..

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