UNO Minecraft Card Game Opening -

UNO Minecraft Card Game Opening

Markis Pea Welby
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The Creeper card plays the role of the special rule. Beware of it!
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  1. i acidently buyed fake ones like they are almost the same but have lower guality of print like fake pokemon cards but it doesnt affect the play so its ok (im planing to buy the real ones too to suport actual uno creators)edit: i also have the original ones

  2. If you don't know minecraft then why you buy it ?😂

  3. I thought this game felt like a fake with its poor quality cards, print on the box and typos in the instructions

  4. Wai-wai wait, did you said 40+ card game?!?!

  5. I already own the original UNO cards game but really want to buy the Minecraft version as well because I’m a huge Minecraft/Nintendo fan and UNO is my favorite cards game. I love the idea of the UNO reverse card being a villager trade card as well as the creeper exploding and making everyone around you pick up 3 more cards. It looks like regular UNO but with a delicious twist of Minecraft flavoring added to it.

  6. I have bts,ben-10,justice league,junior uno and ofcource a original one though..

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