#UNO How to play UNO card game in Tamil? Sema Entertainment - Sandan Reviews - notanothergamestore.com

#UNO How to play UNO card game in Tamil? Sema Entertainment – Sandan Reviews

Sandan Reviews
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How to play UNO cards? I have shown you the UNO cards game play and also its rules.

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  1. செம Time pass game!!! But எனக்கு புரியல!!! விளையாடி pakkanum

  2. Sema bro,my gf kupta just before 15min back I really don't anything abt this game so I came here n seach thn I got your video ..

  3. Hey thanks bro! this helps me to understand the game.

  4. Anna I've one doubt….wild card namba pota next player enna clr card venalum podalam dhana….illana namba soldra clr dha podanuma

  5. Aprm inoru doubt cards gaali panravanga win na…edhuku 500 points adhum puriyala….500 points na runner ah?

  6. Bro one doubt online la vilyadrathu different iruku but easy iruku offline neraya rules. Change agatha bro pls explain..?

  7. Can you please tell the property of all special cards in description or in video it may help to know the each property very easily and correctly
    But any way thank you

  8. Bro I have one doubt? What if the person says UNO and has the last card as "Shuffle hands" ? He will be considered as winner right?

  9. Bro! Ippa oruthar green color skip card potrukaru athuku na blue skip card podalama ?

  10. If my opponent puts green colour reverse card then can i put any other colour reverse card?…

  11. Bro open card eh +4 , +2, wild card vantha enna pannanum?

  12. Daii how to play nu title potu nenga patunu velaiyatitu irukinga onnu velaiyatunga ila thiliva soli kudunga, waste of time and data

  13. One deck le how many cards are there??? Pls reply

  14. Pakkathula irukuravan +2 card pota na kandipa card eduthe aaganuma .. Adhuku na ennoda +2 card podamla 2 card edukama

  15. Bro opposite uno last one card iruku avanga +2 card podranga apo na +2 pota avaga jaikamudiyadhula?

  16. Uno flip Card epti விளையாடுவது

  17. How many cards should we take if we not have a card in same color or number

  18. Hello bro unga video vera level and awesome.I have some doubts bro plss clear.
    i)+4 +2 cards entha match colour and number illana mattum than podanuma illa eppo venalum use pannalama
    ii)match card illama deck la irunthu edutha antha card match aachuna podalama illa vechukanuma?
    idhukku mattum ans sollunga na plsssss for i and ii🙏unga ooru edhu naanum velada varalama😂

  19. Can we use normal cards instead of uno cards ?

  20. thank u for clearing a fight 😄…My opponent said something wrong now she saw ur video and refused her mistake…❤️Thank u so much brothers

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