UNO - How to Play? മലയാളം | Family Fun Game | Malayalam Card Games -

UNO – How to Play? മലയാളം | Family Fun Game | Malayalam Card Games

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This is a video on how to play Uno (in Malayalam മലയാളം). UNO a must have Family Fun Game. This is one of the best family card games out there and the rules are simple. I have done my best to capture all the rules in UNO. I believe UNO is getting more popular in Kerala and Family Game nights are more frequent and is evolving in India.

This video is specifically catered to Kerala (India) people who speaks Malayalam language.

Board games are always nice to play with family and friends to have fun and get disconnected from daily chores.

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UNO Wild Customizable Card Rule Ideas:

You can create all sort of fun ideas you like 😁

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This channel is for fun loving people, who are looking for best activities with Friends & Family.

Follow me and I will share all the game collections which I have gathered through years, based on careful research and playing with my Friends and my Family who love games.

I have turned many of my friends to get interested in games and there by increasing the gathering frequency. Few of my friends who were initially not interested in board games are now the biggest fans or rather addicts to these games.

I am from Kerala India (speaks language Malayalam), where board games are mostly an unexplored area. Other than a handful of famous games like Chess, Monopoly, Snake and Ladder, Ludo etc.., Indian’s are not so exposed to many great board games out in the world. I believe many other countries are like us who are not very familiar with the vast and amazing world of board games.

I strongly believe my videos will give everyone an insight to the board game world and get inspired to try more. Then you will understand the Learning, Entertainment and Fun comes along with playing such games. There by, developing an interest to try more of these games with your Friends and Family.

…and you will realize that “Life Is More Fun!!”…


  1. Why your UNO box is round-rectangle in shape!?

  2. +4 wild card കളിക്കണമെങ്കിൽ തൊട്ട് മുൻപ് discard ചെയ്ത കാർഡിന്റെ colour matching ആയിട്ടുള്ള cards കയ്യിൽ ഇല്ലാതെയിരുന്നാൽ മാത്രം മതി. Number/symbol matching ആയ cards കയ്യിലുണ്ടെങ്കിലും കുഴപ്പമില്ല. മറ്റേ wild card ന്റെ കാര്യം പറഞ്ഞ പോലെ തന്നെ +4 wild card ഇടുന്നയാൾക്കും അടുത്തയാളോട് ഏതെങ്കിലും ഒരു colour പറഞ്ഞു അതിൽ കളി continue ചെയ്യാം.

  3. Not like that you give one by one to every players until everyone reaches 7 cards

  4. +4 card ittal next player nu veendum +4 idamo?

  5. One card idumbol full colour withdraw chaiyunathe ethil varumbol anne example we have 5 yellow card..( 6,7,5, 4+ wild card' ) ithil full one stepil thanne full card withdraw chaiyunathe eppol anne

  6. Hello,

    Quick question 🙋🏽‍♀️, your cards are small or large?

  7. Flash kalikunna oru tutorial. Video cheyyumo for beginners

  8. If oru player +2 ittalu next player nu +4 idan pattumo?

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