Uno Game rules | How to play Uno card Game (in Hindi) | wild, action, +2, +4, skip, reverse card -

Uno Game rules | How to play Uno card Game (in Hindi) | wild, action, +2, +4, skip, reverse card

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Draw Four
A card so dangerous, it can almost get confiscated at airports. Known for the destruction of innumerable friendships, and subjecting people to eternal doom – the Draw 4.

Draw Two
A humbler version of Draw 4, for the friendships you wanna destroy, but rather politely.

They skipped your birthday? Well, you can ‘Skip’ their happiness.

Your friends will relate a lot to this card. This card too, changes sides all the time.

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  1. Is tanha tu koi win hi nh karaga player ko pakar liya jayga or phir bar bar cards 2 draw karo

  2. 1.Plus 2(any colour) =only 2(Any colour)?2.Jo admi skip hua yadi uske pass skip card he toh use kar payega?ya nehi ?3.1St player put plus 22nd player put plus 23rd player ke pass plus 2 nehi he toh wo 4 card lega?4.1St player put +42nd player put +43Rd player ke pass plus 4 card nehi he toh wo total 8 cards lega?5.If mere pass colour change card he aur main colour Change to any colour(Red/blue/yellow/green) bol ke uske sath ek aur ek pata padega ya only colour change hi padega?6.Blank wild card ko +4 kar sakte he kya?7.Ek pata plus 2(Any colour) he main only 2(Any colour)use kar paunga?8.Plus 2 card = +4 wild card9.Safal only ek player ke sath kar na padta he?ya jitne players khel te hoge sab ke cards ko safal karna padta he?10.Ek player ne number 3(any colour) put kiya aur mere pass number 3 ka 1se jada cards he means 3red,3green,3 yellow he…toh main ek sath 3 cards put kar sakta hnu ?Please ye question ka answer dedo ya ek video banado….🙏🙏🙏Love you from Odisha ❣️🙏

  3. I buy today only ❤️☺️🃏 that is nice 👍🏻👌🏻

  4. I am the first because at 20 seconds and 1likes

  5. Sir I went to a toy shop and the shopkeeper give me game. The name of the game is ono 🤔 ❓ how to play that.
    There are 56 cards please sir reply 🙏

  6. Very nice product outstanding excellent i love this product

  7. Is there any restriction to play skip or reverse card? Like only on other skip or reverse cards of same color.

  8. I didn’t understand about wildcard of challenging the player ?

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