Uno Funny Moments - The 99 Card Challenge? -

Uno Funny Moments – The 99 Card Challenge?

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  1. Vanos is owl dusty moo is moo dusty fourzero is called mlg dusty

  2. Only true Vanoss fans know…

    Owl Al Dusty

  3. Hey guys I have a pick up line

    You like to draw? Because I put the “d” in raw

  4. love you vannos hope you do more uno 😉

  5. My phone almost overheated when I saw the merch

  6. The Al Dusty list:
    Al Dusty
    Al Duty
    Owl Dusty

  7. AI dusty: national treasure

    Owl Dusty: national window licker

  8. If you watching this from 2019 like this please👇

  9. *Four demonic Tidus laughs*
    I am struck with nostalgia and terror

  10. Uno can only have 127 cards in everyone’s deck altogether

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