Uno Funny Moments - Heart of the Cards, Delirious? -

Uno Funny Moments – Heart of the Cards, Delirious?

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  1. Common quote from brian
    " I'm so over this session."

  2. Damn, those first two rounds were like, "party hardy"

  3. Vanoss and moo were even going easy on them

  4. What a genius. Not a scumbag. You’re trash Brian 😂 Take the L!

  5. The year is 2023 and you realize anytime Terroriser is in an Uno video he’s on the receiving end of these ridiculous plays 🤣

  6. Heart of the Cards?
    More Like Heart of My Ass!

  7. This video is the least popular in this channel

  8. Anyone else tried to scroll down to see what his least popular video is

  9. The way vanoss said fuck you 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Losing cards in uno is like drawing cards in yugioh.

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