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UNO Flip! | Card Game Unboxing

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UNO gets a brand new twist in the new UNO Flip! card game. It essentially plays like regular UNO but with the addition of Flip cards. This UNO card deck is double-sided with a “light” side and a “dark” side. You start off playing with the light side, but if someone plays a Flip card, you have to switch to playing the dark side. And on the dark side, there are different action cards with stiffer penalties. Instead of a Draw One card, the dark side has a Draw Five card. Instead of a Skip Card, the dark side has a Skip Everyone card. You have to continue playing with the dark side until another Flip card is played.

Players: 2 – 10
Ages: 7+


Music: Dear Autumn
Musician: @iksonofficial


  1. What are the action cards in UNO Flip!

  2. Your ifil tower scissor looking good 👍👍

  3. Are the quality of cards are good ? And water resistant

  4. Can we play simple uno also with these csrds

  5. Man i cannot wait to get this! Best unboxing video ever!

  6. I'm a kid so I had to take screen shotso my parents kn ow what it looks

  7. All comes with double sided please tell me

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