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UNO Flip! | Card Game Unboxing

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UNO gets a brand new twist in the new UNO Flip! card game. It essentially plays like regular UNO but with the addition of Flip cards. This UNO card deck is double-sided with a “light” side and a “dark” side. You start off playing with the light side, but if someone plays a Flip card, you have to switch to playing the dark side. And on the dark side, there are different action cards with stiffer penalties. Instead of a Draw One card, the dark side has a Draw Five card. Instead of a Skip Card, the dark side has a Skip Everyone card. You have to continue playing with the dark side until another Flip card is played.

Players: 2 – 10
Ages: 7+


Music: Dear Autumn
Musician: @iksonofficial


  1. Kitne cards atte h total or link bhi do kaha se lia brother'

  2. I ordered It In amazon before seeing these video i am excited to get it after seeing this i am toooooooooo excited . I am finding uno flip unboxing video not shorts great video

  3. Galing shopee ba to or lazada or sa mall?

  4. What kind of coating does the box have? Is it a gloss finish or a matte? Great unboxing video!

  5. Very nice after watching this video I can't wait to order it

  6. I proposed a version based on the episode Bart the Bad Guy fromThe Simpsons with the Springfield charathers on the light side and the superheros on the dark side

  7. Is there any card slightly larger than the whole deck? in my deck it was there. Plz reply mam/sir🙏🥺

  8. Your ifil tower scissor looking good 👍👍

  9. Are the quality of cards are good ? And water resistant

  10. Can we play simple uno also with these csrds

  11. Man i cannot wait to get this! Best unboxing video ever!

  12. I'm a kid so I had to take screen shotso my parents kn ow what it looks

  13. All comes with double sided please tell me

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