UNO Flash - Card Game Review -

UNO Flash – Card Game Review

Transfiguring Adoption
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Discover UNO Flash. A variation of the popular card game taken to a new level. Is this game perfect for your family? See what our adoptive family thought.


  1. Feeder won mmdddddddd demo9mmmmmmmdddddddddddd

  2. Alguien sabe si no le funciona el audio , se puede reparar??

  3. But how many cards are you supposed to draw if you are last on a slap card? And it looks like you DON'T have to hit the UNO button if you actually have UNO? Just call it out loud still? I appreciate your help. I found this with the cards still sealed and got it for my 8 yo daughter and I to play (she just loves UNO). However, it didn't come with a box or instructions

  4. The vid was posted 2 years ago and any comments (FIRST TO COMMENT!)

  5. Congrats!! Although our website blog received more traffic, you’re the first to interact on YouTube!!

  6. So, if you Put a Slap Card, you don't need to slap your button?

  7. Uno cLassic is Legit Lit as Always nothing can Beat CLasssics

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