UNO Fenyx's Quest Official Trailer -

UNO Fenyx’s Quest Official Trailer

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Get the complete collection of one of the most iconic games with the UNO Ultimate Edition, containing UNO, UNO FLIP!, UNO Fenyx’s Quest, plus themed cards featuring Just Dance 2017, Rayman, and more.


  1. Did they finally fix the glitch that makes you not able to play the game?

  2. Can’t wait to see UUDD DaParty get their hands on this.

  3. Top 10 best video game crossovers of all time

  4. Uno doesn’t even start for me 😢😢😢

  5. Xbox quit playing, give us the old 007 games on the backwards compatible line up

  6. Now only if it didn’t crash on startup…

  7. Like losing your friends? Well now you can lose them by using the power of the gods!

  8. I miss when uno was chaturbate before charurbate

  9. Uno ultimate edition should be on game pass ultimate

  10. The game won’t even launch. It just crashes on opening! So what good will another deck do? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

  11. Please fix the actual game instead of having it crash every time I click play

  12. Anyone uni works? Mine doesn’t sync and just crashes

  13. Bruh why y’all going to add this if UNO always crashing 😂

  14. Uno Fenyxs Quest:Ubisoft Entertainment SA Mattel

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