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You guys are not ready for the scariest and most intense card game to ever exist, UNO.EXE! In this truly terrifying card game I’m accompanied by 2 very dedicated members of the Plumberhood, my amazing Discord Mods MBL1UP and Flare! MarioBrotherL1Up has his own YouTube channel so make sure to check him out and subscribe to him to support this true dedicated bro:
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Luigikid Gaming is an Austrian Let’s Player that is best known for his hilarious .exe game videos such as Sonic.exe and his LUIGIKID REACTS Series. Furthermore, many of his Let’s Plays are on games that are related to Nintendo, Five Nights at Freddy’s and Undertale as well as random scary horror games. Subscribe today to become part of the Plumberhood!


  1. Luigikid played coffin dance and megalovania. Lmao

  2. This was actually really entertaining I'd like to watch more of this!

  3. Uno.exe the real exe story that madders. And it is multiplayer.

  4. The clickbait was for real. Well done good sir lol

  5. If your gonna play Uno MBL1UP is the man to play it with. Good video Luigikid

  6. OOOOhhh if only you faced me in UNO Rene… >:P

  7. what does a dedicated boi need to be truly dedicated for the dedicated gods of dedication

  8. That's scared the crap out of me

  9. i swear if i play a game of uno and somebody hits me with a +666 they're gonna have a talk with me

  10. Luigikid: i put jumpscares in the video
    Me: nah I can take it
    5 min later
    Me: mom? Can you carry me to the bathroom?

  11. Hey luigikidgaming thanks for following my sonic.exe curse of the devil game. I hope your channel and you life does well

  12. So basically it's "uno but i jumpscare my dedicated bros"

    As a french we say "ouno"

  13. You lied to me. How dare you. Say you’re sorry right now or I’m unsubscribing.

  14. Hey, you’re just playing uno with your friends aren’t you?

  15. This ant uno.exe thid is just dance uno

  16. Uno-Creepypasta-Edition. I want that in the reality to Buy.

  17. When Luigikid kept drawing cards, that was the biggest jumpscare of all.
    I jumped so high I almost hit my head😂

  18. I play uno online and its a good game by boring in some time

  19. Luigikid when are u going to react to project g1?

  20. Amy Rose & Sonic Play & Reacts With Friends says:

    Wonderful video luigikid.

  21. I liked this actually. None scared me tho. Try harder luigikid.

  22. …..I THOUGHT THIS WAS A .EXE GAME!!!*Insert head blowing up into a million pieces*Great…My head hurts while dealing with depression..Oh well…I still love your channel and all your .exe game videos

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