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UNO Deluxe Edition – UNO Games

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Thank you for watching this unboxing of the new UNO Deluxe 50th Anniversary edition box set. For more UNO videos, check out the UNO playlist:

0:00 – Intro
1:24 – The Box
1:46 – The Rule Book, Poster, & Scorepad
5:20 – The Cards and Comparison

I am very pleased with this little box. I hope Mattel keeps using this packaging format for special editions and NEW ideas.

Check out the official Riffle Shuffle & Roll website for original games:

For a wonderful library of games to check out and learn to play, go see my friends at

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  1. The old style UNO cards. The action cards use letters instead of symbols.

  2. This is the definitive edition of UNO in my book. The linen finish is often a more sought after finish in the table top gaming industry as it is deemed more professional. The linen also helps to protect the print better. If anyone is hemming and hawing, pull the trigger.

  3. This is your kryptonite, a new version or edition of Uno. 🙂

  4. which one is better? is the linen feel a lesser quality product? i grew up with the regular cardstock uno in the early 2000's.

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