Uno Card Game in Java Part 2 - Deck Class (Code Clique) -

Uno Card Game in Java Part 2 – Deck Class (Code Clique)

Code Clique
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Part 2 of my Uno Card Game tutorial. In this video we create the first part of the Deck class in Java.

If you have any questions or comments drop them in the comment section. Also if you have any requests leave them in the comments and I may cover it in a future video. Thanks for watching!


  1. I love that half of the code isn´t visible at the end of the video…

  2. Great Tutorial Videos btw! I just wanna ask when you will be uploading the next part, bc I have to have a fully working uno game by Dec16(Sunday), and ur videos are really helping me understand what I'm doing.

  3. If I make the UnoCard class abstract what changes do I have to make in this code?
    BTW your videos are good and look really professional.

  4. Hi there! Firstly I'd like to say great work on the videos, they really amazing and simple to understand! I like how after each step, you explain what you did thoroughly. Now I have to code a fully working Uno card game application in about a month from now. Unfortunately, I do not code using Java, but the videos do help me with designing efficient methods to code my application. Just wanted to ask, how fast will you be pushing the six-part series out? Thanks!

  5. Hi there! You did a great work, man. Why don't you continue to upload the next videos?

  6. May i knw wheres the imageicon class and can i replace jlabel wif sysout?

  7. I have a question you might mention it later on but I have not made it that far. But how can you make this against A.I.?

  8. There's a type mismatch error in
    new UnoCard.Value[]
    It suggests that change type of 'value' to 'Value'

  9. UnoCard.Value[] values = new UnoCard.Value[]{UnoCard.Value.DrawTwo,

    UnoCard.Value.Skip, UnoCard.Value.Reverse


    you put this part inside the for loop, I think you should have called it in the beginning of the method this way you do not have to keep creating a new UnoCard.Value array ( I am just saying but besides that it makes sense)
    let me know if that is not right

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