Uno Card Game in Java Part 12 - Final Video (Code Clique) -

Uno Card Game in Java Part 12 – Final Video (Code Clique)

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Uno Card Game in Java Part 12
In this video, we finish our Uno game! If you have any questions or comments drop them in the comment section. Also if you have any requests leave them in the comments and I may cover it in a future video. Thanks for watching!


Since many people have had trouble with the GameStage class, I have decided to put the source code online.This was the largest class and also the trickiest class to code. 🙂

I’m also putting the UnoDeck class since the quality of video 3 wasn’t as good as the other videos. Thanks for watching and I hope this helps you out!

Source Code Available for UnoDeck and GameStage classes HERE:


  1. Hey guys, I've been trying to reply to people to help fix any errors with the Uno Game but this is a relatively large project and I won't be able to answer or solve every question so I decided to put a link to the source code for the two most troublesome classes (UnoDeck and GameStage) in the description. Thanks for watching this far in the series and I hope this helps!

  2. hi, if i want to share this game to other people, then the path of the images will not be correct right? because the image file path written by you can only be access by you.

  3. For those who get a "Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException"
    Inside your UnoDeck class change this :

    public UnoDeck() {

    cards = new UnoCard[108];


    to this:

    public UnoDeck() {

    cards = new UnoCard[108];



  4. You’re series was great! It helped me a lot to create a card game that I often play with my friends called “Palace”, which is similar to Uno but with an actual deck of cards. One thing I would recommend showing is testing the code periodically to make sure everything is working correctly. I think it would help the people who are following along make sure they’re staying on track and implementing the code correctly.

  5. Great program. lots of small issues but got them fixed. It would be nice if after a wild card was played it would tell you the new color of the card to be matched and also when someone has an uno. if there was an option to declare uno and if someone doesnt click it, they draw two cards. Other then that its great

  6. Great series of videos. I'm trying to use this as a template to create a card game called Scopa. I'm almost done but having trouble with the Null Pointer Exception. Is there any chance you could upload the UnoCard class onto that website too?

    EDIT: Also the Game class if possible, sorry to be a pain.

  7. Is there someone that finished the project and can email me the source code? I have a few errors that I did not figure out how to fix.

  8. Hey man, can you please upload the whole code to github or any other platform? pls

  9. Was someone able to create the game in the command line (after part 6)?

  10. This is super useful thanks, I am trying to do "Rummykub" the base logic is quite similar but has some differences. I think it will be great if you made one of these using threads and client-server like behavior.
    Great job!

  11. Bro you cannot be making such drastic changes in the last part of the video.

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