UNO Card Game How to Play || മലയാളം || Malayalam Board Game || Category - Card Game. -

UNO Card Game How to Play || മലയാളം || Malayalam Board Game || Category – Card Game.

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The game was originally developed in 1971 by Merle Robbins.
Cards : Skip, Reverse, Draw Two (+2), Wild, Wild Draw Four/Draw Four Wild (+4 and wild), Wild Swap Hand card, Wild Customized card.

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  1. Eg: oru player blue colour card vechu, adtha ende turn, appo enikk blue colour card illa, enikk draw +4 wild cardum wild cardum und, appo draw +4 will card vechal foul aano? Pls reply

  2. Matching aaya number undenkil draw +4 card vekkan pattuo

  3. Nammal +4 draw wild card vechit, challenge cheyyapettal, mattulla playersine nammala card kaanich kodtha sheriyakoolala😁… Kaliyil illathe playersin kaanch kodthe pore ellenkil, god promise ittal pore😜

  4. 1) Njammal card vekumbol last card action card anagil vekan petumo?2) njammade opponent oru action card vechal njammalk vare oru action card vekaan petuo?3)+2 draw card vechal opponent kayil +2 draw card undagil opponent 2 card indkanda avishyam indo?4)eg oru blue or red etc.. oru skip action card vechal athe colour ulla vare skip card vekaan petuo?5) njan oru reverse card vechal opponent vare oru reverse card athinte mukalil vekaan petumo?6) oru action card vekumbol athe colour ulla action card vekanam yenn undo?

  5. Uno flipinde video cheyyumoool
    Plzz comment

  6. Uno vilich kazhinit opponent's inte card point winner in kitto ennit veendum kali 7 cards vechit restart cheyyano??

  7. Oru player. Red card 6 vachu agane next playerinte kayyil greenil 2 cardil 6 varunnathanegil aa rand card vakkan patto??

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