UNO CANDY EDITION + Jiggly's SQUEEKY CHEEKS! | UNO Multiplayer Card Game with Friends! -

UNO CANDY EDITION + Jiggly’s SQUEEKY CHEEKS! | UNO Multiplayer Card Game with Friends!

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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Sleepy friends = most random UNO conversations ever haha 😀
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  1. Ohm, Panda, Ze & Momo should do a podcast together that would be super funny 😂👌🏼

  2. We've got the same taste/tendencies with chocolate treats! I do that exact same thing with my M&M's and Smarties (Canadian, they're chocolate. :P). It's supposed to be like chewing ice chips… an oral fixation. ;).

  3. Ze and me can be best friends, I love Hershey cookies and cream
    I love cookies and cream anything.

  4. Nowadays we are able to actually type letters on our calculators

  5. If you like candy corn, did you try the new Mountain dew Halloween flavor Voo Dew. It was a candy corn flavor and it's delicious.

  6. I deconstruct 3 musketeers bars and save the marshmallow for last

  7. I can relate to Ze with the candy stuff. My family thought I was weird

  8. Sitting here eating a cookie dough kit kat right now and just agreeing with pretty much everything these guys are saying. Good food :3

  9. Oh my god Ohm. You had me laughing so hard from this video. You and Jiggly make a great team with making the best conversations. Thank you for a great laugh today. <3

  10. Neither kitkats nor cookies and cream are candy BARS lol

  11. Ohm r u being considered for content creator of the year ??

  12. I want a ohm podcast. It can be called ohmcaster itd be lit plus he could do it with some many people like jiggly and delirious and toonz please do it ohm 😂

  13. "Alright, Ze, are you gonna give him the DUHHH." – Ohmwrecker, 2019.

  14. I like candy corn and peeps, guess I'm a weirdo or something.

  15. I thought I was alone in liking to eat the tops and bottoms off of kitkats.. sometimes I even pulled it apart and enjoyed each piece seperate lol

  16. I haven’t laughed that hard since the “squeeze my wiener” Cards against humanity incident.

  17. I love this kind of video, just chilling talking about random stuffs while playing uno. Love it dude

  18. KitKat is Hershey used to work for them years ago to constantly feed the wafers into the machine was a nightmare it was endless fast moving

  19. Yeeees melted mms in my mouth is the beeeeest!

  20. i do what ze does and just have the wafer but i mainly do it with caramel wafers

  21. Ohm can't double dip; Snickers is from Mars company and Kit Kats are from Nestlé 😀

  22. Have you ever tried a Whatchamacallit ?

  23. Oml, I didn't think I'd ever hear league of legends talk in an Ohm video again. Much less with Momo starting it. I actually play Kog so, it had me rolling.

  24. Don't worry Ze I too bite down to the waffers ony kitkats

  25. I do what Ze does 12:14 lol I also do what ohm said 13:00 I also did the boobs on a calculator

  26. PEEPS are the GREATEST… Candy corn can go back with SATAN!!!

  27. Chunky peanut butter kit kat is my favourite… then the Cadbury Cream Egg!

  28. I'm sick, could you send me a box of kit Kat's

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