Uno, But With ALL THE WEIRD DECKS | House Rules -

Uno, But With ALL THE WEIRD DECKS | House Rules

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All the UNO decks we used for this video:
Uno Attack, Uno Flex, Uno Show Em No Mercy, Uno Flip, Uno WWE and Uno All Wild, UNO Dare (Adult Only).

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  1. Almost like… an amalgamation of sorts…

  2. This is so dumb in the most loving way possible. This was amazing.

  3. The luscious mustache Dom is growing… Makes me worried if a certain comrade is planning to make a…. Mysteriously falls out of the window onto some bullets mid sentence

  4. No Nonpartisan Uno??? The version where the reds and blues are removed and replaced with purples and oranges???

  5. How is the seating arrangement done? Random? Aesthetics? Bizarre and occult rituals?

  6. The glasses wearers and sight privileged shall remain seperated, never shall they intermix. This is the Law of the Board

  7. I love sully openly staring at every around hims hands.

    He probably knew what Dom had better then Dom did

  8. The salt on tilly's face every time somebody hits the robot pete button and it doesn't spit out cards 😂😂

  9. aw, shit, they're playing the game wrong

  10. Demonstrating, if nothing else, that the moral high ground is very very silly. <3 This was a lot of fun.

  11. Now I just want to know what that censored dare #8 was.

  12. Oooh its a piglet! I thought it was Dr Eggman xD

  13. took me way too long to realize that Dom's shirt was a pig snout with a mustache and not like just a face like eggman. i'm such a phony piglet 🙁

  14. Why all of a sudden half of the crew has glasses?

  15. Love how Tilly gives Dom 10 cards and her eyes say "I'm sorry", but her smile says "I like this".

  16. The dynamic between Tilly and Dom is underrated.
    The tension between two different kinds of darkness.
    The still inky night which hides an undercurrent of menace vs The primordial singularity which blasts the senses with deafening silence and blinding black.

  17. I didn't know how to play Uno before watching this, and I can confidently say that I still don't know how to play Uno.

  18. The Venn diagram of No Rolls Barred fans and Massacre Mansion fans is just a circle based on this comment section

  19. tilly's hair is really pretty this video, i like the highlights suits her:>

  20. did they film this at the maniac's mansion?

  21. this is just Uno in the Behavioral Health Unit at my local hospital–I swear they never have a full set of any of the types but so many random decks.

  22. Uno flip doesnt really work with this… the others are cool together though

  23. At this point everything that isn't "Monopoly but" has been already made by Massacre, Valefisk or Magic the Noah. Or all three of them.

  24. The Uno robot just needs to be a returning cast member like the tower of destiny. It just has to!

  25. They should have also used the giant uno cards for the lols.

  26. I know he’s an actor, but Sullivan genuinely has a good Californian accent.

  27. Hell ya, been waiting for Molly Rose to bring her chaos back and for it to be Uno is extra great.

  28. Massacare should send an advance copy of the finished Chemicards project for House Rules

  29. I’m just offended the tower of destiny gave Blink182 a 4/6

  30. Which was the dare that was not appropriate for YouTube?

  31. what about uno boom-o
    loved it as a child

  32. I always knew Laurie and that machine were destined for each other.

  33. 6:09 – It's almost like someone present was at an hour long digital ubisoft game for NRB that had all of the "official house rules" and came up with a rule so that it would not literally be forever… And yet it's only 4 minutes shorter runtime.

  34. you guys should play a little game called chemicards when it releases, i'm sure you'll really enjoy it (insert sarcasm here)

  35. Dom not understanding wrestling is so relatable tbh

  36. Uh dont you not play when you got to draw cards from + cards?

  37. This was a lot of fun and I really don't want to be that guy, but I distinctly remember basic Uno's rules stating that you can't end with a trick card.. 😅

  38. If you got this idea from Massacre's Mansion's Uno Amalgam, you really should've credited him

  39. I thought you couldn't go out on a power card, or was that one of the House rules?

  40. oh the good memories Uno Attack brought back, mostly rage against friends, but good memories nonetheless

  41. "Terry" is going to be reeeaally happy with the closed captions from 10:00 onwards..

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