UNO but it’s all WILDS! -

UNO but it’s all WILDS!

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Have you guys seen all wild UNO??! 🤣
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  1. Were you find that uno variance i wath that

  2. Using black card sleeves I mixed this Uno with the standard one

  3. The last card was a swap card so he won😂😂

  4. its like that you are saying a random color on the card when you have this game 💀

  5. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen 😂

  6. She actually didnt win bc she didnt take the 4 cards

  7. No you did not win read over the rules if you don't believe me.

  8. G g gurd😊v. Noticeably lean, but I do like you

  9. Yeah you do I have that game so she losses

  10. No, you didn’t win. He actually did because the last card was a switch card.

  11. I got that for Christmas and my sister is dumped all the cards out 😢

  12. When playing uno wild or any other uno game that has a swap hands card you are not allowed to go out on that card. It says that in the rule sheet.

  13. Go get a lot that means you need to change the guy to win

  14. Nah he won cuz the last card had you guys switch cards

  15. When playing your last card it does not matter if its a swap cards, you still win. You do not swap hands on a winning card.

  16. +4 says the person drawing skips their turn, no counter play 😉

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