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  1. A group of people , not expected, but much needed

  2. why is nogla just unbearably racist this entire session?

  3. so now we have bask story about the E-Girl from the mario cart stream

  4. No way this is the uno session before Mario Kart!

  5. I love how Steven hawking slander is a recurring joke.

  6. Blarg, and Jiggly in the same video? GOD TIER CONTENT

  7. The funniest part is that Matt's pfp is canonically a freed slave that got rich doing business

  8. Uno but Nogla pisses everyone off…could've just said "Normal Uno hours"

  9. Is a person who exclusively fights men of African decent a black male folder?

  10. First Moo, then Scotty, and now his targeting you guys??

  11. Nogla is the only nice person on YouTube and he is certainly infinitely better than everyone present here

    It's a shame such a simple and kind man puts up with such vile and selfish creatures like all yall

  12. im gonna say hi from quebec tab**nak

  13. These uno vids are perfect for all the iPad children lol.

  14. Funny how both Matt AND Brian post a video about Nogla pissing off their group playing UNO.

  15. Nogla or Jiggles need to be on the podcast. Vanoss crew on the Goods Podcast!?!??!

  16. Hi guys long time lover of both Blerg and Nergla – but listen. Nogla has a specific approach to humor and race. Blarg also has a specific approach to humor and race. Those two approaches don’t always completely mesh, so when the boys get crossways over it, everything seems awk and fake. I laughed a lot tho, so the video is great.

  17. You should play uno with smii7y grizzg and puffer again please

  18. BigBlarglyPanda is a match made in heaven

  19. Who gave nogla cat nip this recording? He was on some special juice

  20. I swear Blarg chooses the color of the cards by whatever color he likes best 😂😂 man always chooses a color he doesn’t have

  21. 2 Uno videos today where Nogla annoys 2 different set of people in a session.

  22. Nogla repeatedly making that joke about the Yellow 1 made this video borderline unwatchable. Like was funnyish once or twice, but just annoying after the 3rd time

  23. What is the name of that song? It sounds like a funky porno song.

  24. Nogla woke up and chose violence that morning. I love it.

  25. Anyone else getting a random Asian dudes picture in the bottom right?

  26. Anyone withuno should add kim jong in to their pfp

    We need to reinforce the strasand effect

  27. I know you probably dont care but i have to tell you guys that the midget thing never happened, steven did go to the island, but the midget thing was a joke from reddit

  28. "F*ck your honesty"
    Religion has left the chat

  29. Bruh we just had a nogla pissing of Scotty one now you guys 😂

  30. Thats where the "knee girl" came from 😂

  31. Tired of nogla going " OHH OHH OHHH " when something almost sounds like the nword…. He needs to chill… His wife is barely even BROWN let alone BLACK he's got no skin in the game

  32. Blarg, can we please get Panda and the Goons in a session together?

    I think Panda would fit right in with how silly and unhinged he is ❤😂

  33. Uno with nogla kinda shorten life or yt career expectancy 😂

  34. You guys should just play LOCOfficial in roblox at this point… It is miles better than the official game..

  35. I love this. I found Matt through Jiggly's channel years ago on a golf it vid

  36. Lol. Ty gives me Tom Holland vibes. Always spoiling things.

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