UNO but everything you touch is GOLD! -

UNO but everything you touch is GOLD!

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We play UNO’s 50th anniversary Edition!
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  1. The start they sey its gonna be fast but when i watch the whole its the opposite

  2. I Know how to win the challenge like if someone change it to blue a d it has plus 4 and if it ask u want to challenge or not and if you put challenge m ake sure you have that blue color if you don't have blue color you will plus 6

  3. The Uno Challenge Rule allows you to ask an opponent to show you their cards if you suspect them of playing the Draw 4 illegally. It's illegal to play the Wild Draw 4 when you have another matching card you can play. For anyone who doesn't know.

  4. Ita been so long since i seen a uno battle 😢

  5. that slice of cake 🍰 [formerly StrawberryCat] says:

    Late reply, but I absolutely love the thumbnail

  6. UNO=HEADS 50=TAILS Draco”ok it’s never heads,oh wait it is heads.”did you realise that it is always heads,Draco?😂😂

  7. Challenging is when you challenge some to see if they had a card that could have played but instead decided to play their special card on you, if u understand😂

  8. Quadrianexium is a mid-quadriology base with 62.272.727 (sq,in) Texture: octromatrical (Base)

  9. I just realized what challenge means so if it’s a red card whoever has the most red cards wins the challenge

  10. sometimes krew doesnt be complete
    bcs lunar is not here today

  11. If You Challenge The Previous Player And If They Don't The Previous Color Card In Their Hand, You Will Fail The Challenge And Draw 6 Cards Instead Of 4 Cards. When Challenging The Previous Player And If They Have The Previous Color Card In Their Hand, You Will Success The Challenge And Make The Previous Player Draw 4 Cards.

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