Uno Attack Card Game Basics -

Uno Attack Card Game Basics

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A quick description of Uno Attack.

ETA: 1/7/2015
This video was originally made for my Games class that I teach at school. Each week I upload 3-4 game descriptions and videos to our class website so the students can get a head start on learning how to play them before class. With only 45 mins to play, it makes it easier if the students aren’t going in cold turkey.

I’m glad it’s been helpful to other people, too. 🙂


  1. I think this the old uno attack,the new one are more futuristic

  2. why wont my uno attack. spit out the cards?

  3. Thank you very simple and great instructions.

     have game but lost instructions

  4. I have the cards but dont have the dispenser. Is there a way ta get one?

  5. So same rules as regular UNO only different?

  6. A lot of New Cards with this game.

    What happens if the Launcher runs out of Cards???

  7. Thank you for the skip card instruction.

  8. thank you, the kids lost the directions!!!!

  9. بودي ناعوعد وعد ليسز عد

  10. Thank you. We lost the instructions and this was perfect.

  11. thanx, i got this at a tag sale with no instructions

  12. Brian or Bryan Servant of Jesus Christ says:

    I have a hard time getting this game I was used to playing the original

  13. екатерина чернышенко says:

    а нельзя на руском

  14. of course every review that you do in this always has the lucky number 7 on the discard pile XD

  15. Thanks😑… forgot to mention that you can play multiple skips, reverses, and draw 2xs, after some one else played them🙄

  16. This is just straight bullshit, just buy the normal one

  17. Why is this on my recommended in June 2020 lol

  18. Thank you miss! This helped us a lot! 😊✨

  19. I have a Uno Attack already

  20. Tommorow me I am 2 Febuary 2021 Want To Gift me uno attack I am Happy Birthday in 10th>11 th.Thank you

  21. That uno attack was always on for 1 day and did not work at hoart

  22. I have this uno attack

    Look in there score card this:
    Reverse 20 Point
    Skip 20 Point
    Hit 2 20 Point
    Trade hands 30 Point
    Discard all 30 Point
    Wild 50 Point
    Wild all hit 50 Point
    Wild hit fire 50 Point

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