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Uno All Wild! Card Game Review! | Board Game Night

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We review the brand new Uno All Wild! Card Game where every card is wild!
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  1. UNO has never been for 2 players , i mean even the regular one is so boring.

  2. Me when i play a reverse card: NO U!/ W I L D R E V E R S E C A R D

  3. My husband and I agree completely. It really feels like it's missing some key components. Playing as a family with our 2 children was definitely not as enjoyable as Uno Flip and Uno original. I feel like the game has been dumbed down for a younger audience. So for our family game night it's not so fun. On the other hand our 2 kids love to play it together. So the two player thing is fine if those two players are 10 and 6.

  4. This looks very good it’s in a few places I got it from Myer that’s where I saw it first online then I’ve seen it in few places like big w target toy world

    I will say I’m glad they have done something different I’ve seen that many types of uno but it’s more like afl one or cricket so on

    So happy they have made this

  5. I also disagree this is very good for 2 players

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