UNO 50th Anniversary Xbox One Gameplay -

UNO 50th Anniversary Xbox One Gameplay

Jack Swingler
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There’s a new DLC came out for UNO 3 days ago, it’s called “UNO 50th Anniversary!” It has got a coin with it, the coin said UNO and it said 50 on it, it’s a bit like heads and tails.


  1. Can you still get this dlc? I want to buy game on steam.

  2. My fanmade UNO deck48 cards,12 ranks(Ace,2-9,X,E,10),4 colorsX=tenE=eleven10=twelveSpecial card:Wild(any color)

  3. I would really like to see the retro uno, where instead of symbols, it'e letters like R is Reverse, S is Skip, D is Draw Two

  4. I just spent like 2 hours finishing one game because everyone just kept rotating cards and getting 50s. I came into a lobby with 7-0 rules on and it took so long that I almost fell asleep.

  5. cool i thought that the 50th anniversary of uno was only on card game! thanks for making this video so i could figure that out! now i know i don’t have to pay for the card game to get the card game

  6. Ironic that you have a Spider-man PS4 Avatar on Xbox One

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