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UNO 50th Anniversary Edition – UNO Games

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I picked up the UNO 50th Anniversary Edition and want to show it off. I think it is a worthy purchase especially for anyone who enjoys the game or has a sense of nostalgia for it.

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  1. This has been my go to game since I was 7. I’m turning 37 this year so it’ll be 30 years that this is my favorite game. My son is now 7 and he’s been playing it since he was 5 and from all the board- and card games we own, he will time after time pick Uno. We play it so often that every few years we have to buy a new version because the cards get sticky and used up. There are moments where we play it every day for months several games a day (we don’t use the point system)2 days ago our most recent version that we only got last year got ruined because a glass of water got thrown on the box and then for some reason, our youngest cat decided to play with it and ruin the box and some of the cards even more. So I was just looking on Amazon, planning on getting the deluxe version because it comes in a metal box. But now I’m doubting if I should get this edition instead.

  2. I'm shocked these are still available for $10

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  4. i have a question, can i play/put card after i play DRAW 4 card after i declare color. example ; i play DRAW 4, next player must draw 4 from deck then skipped their turn then i declared RED, after i declared can i immediately put Red card in my hand.

  5. Was I the only one who had seeing the blue cards? I had no problem seeing the other cards blue or green cards were so dark I couldn't make them out. The red cards looked the best.

  6. I have like 4 different versions of uno

  7. Good thing I got the 50 anniversary uno like a long time ago, but I didn't see in stores. Is it rare now😮

  8. Happy 50th Anniversary UNO 👑❤️🎉

  9. I can’t believe the card wells weren’t designed to fit sleeved cards. It’s like they purposely made it impossible, from the look of it.

  10. The black deck definetly looks really slick!

  11. Are the cards like basic cards? Or do they have a different texture/weight to them?

  12. Not sure what uno deck to get all those decade versions 70 80 90 00 retro minimalista regular 50th etc there’s so many

  13. The UNO Retro edition cards are, essentially, the original design on the faces but the backs are completely different.

  14. Exactly the video I was looking for 😃 looks like I'm buying this set 👍🏻

  15. Apeu maksud abis nonton cucurutut tiba2 muncul di timeline YouTube

  16. For some reason when I didn’t see on social media or look at the back I literally thought that was a giant version of the normal uno card

  17. We brought this one a year ago I think and it's pretty coooL dudes

  18. Cool box and cards. I'm going to have to buy one of these. I think i'm also getting the minimalista deck because they look so clean!

  19. oooooo Uno has a dark mode feature nice 👌👌( edit) Now I can play at 3 am without going blind

  20. I just recently got this! Just yesterday and it's so cool! I love the black design of the cards and the 50/50 card only adds more excitement to the popular game UNO which is easy to pick up but impossible to put down.

  21. I missed the UNO’s 50th anniversary 🙁

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