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UNO 50th Anniversary Edition – UNO Games

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I picked up the UNO 50th Anniversary Edition and want to show it off. I think it is a worthy purchase especially for anyone who enjoys the game or has a sense of nostalgia for it.

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  1. The black deck definetly looks really slick!

  2. Are the cards like basic cards? Or do they have a different texture/weight to them?

  3. Not sure what uno deck to get all those decade versions 70 80 90 00 retro minimalista regular 50th etc there’s so many

  4. The UNO Retro edition cards are, essentially, the original design on the faces but the backs are completely different.

  5. Exactly the video I was looking for 😃 looks like I'm buying this set 👍🏻

  6. Apeu maksud abis nonton cucurutut tiba2 muncul di timeline YouTube

  7. For some reason when I didn’t see on social media or look at the back I literally thought that was a giant version of the normal uno card

  8. We brought this one a year ago I think and it's pretty coooL dudes

  9. Cool box and cards. I'm going to have to buy one of these. I think i'm also getting the minimalista deck because they look so clean!

  10. oooooo Uno has a dark mode feature nice 👌👌( edit) Now I can play at 3 am without going blind

  11. I just recently got this! Just yesterday and it's so cool! I love the black design of the cards and the 50/50 card only adds more excitement to the popular game UNO which is easy to pick up but impossible to put down.

  12. I missed the UNO’s 50th anniversary 🙁

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