#UNO 🔥How to play UNO card game in Tamil Part 2 - 🔥Sandan Reviews - notanothergamestore.com

#UNO 🔥How to play UNO card game in Tamil Part 2 – 🔥Sandan Reviews

Sandan Reviews
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#UNO How to play UNO card game in tamil. This is the part 2 of UNO card game. I have clearly explained the UNO card game rules in Tamil. Hope you all enjoyed the video. Want to join our Future game plays and reviews.. Then dont forget to hit the subscribe button. Cheerrrrssss.

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Part 1 :

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  1. start panna modhu +4 or +2 carduku pathala skip card or reverce card vandha enna pannanum oru video please

  2. Now I learnt well how to play this game!!! Thank you Sandan reviews for your update

  3. Eenda idhula iruka 4 peru than comment panni irukinga…😂😂😂

  4. Anna ipo uno solamaley win panna edachi penalty iruka

  5. Namba epdi kandu pudikurathu opponent kita antha colour card iruku ju

  6. Bro i have last card and i say "uno"
    The last card is wild card ("color change wild card") what i do bro

  7. Thanks for taking time to show how to play this game.

  8. These cards are made up of plastic ah bro

  9. Monopoly deal card eppadi play pannuranu tamila solla mudiuma ??

  10. Bro double sided Card epti விளையாடுவது சொல்லுங்க bro plzzzz

  11. If two players play the game we placing red card but I don't have red card also +4card also I am not having then what should I do

  12. If I put +2card and the opponant have +2card in another colour whether they can put that card and next player should take 4 card or not brother

  13. I have one question bro.. first of all Thanks for this video.. I understand fully. My only question.. Game la yellow card pothu.. enkitta yellow card illa.. Ippo Naa Wild Draw card 4 podura en opponent ku.. but, en kitta yellow card iruku challenge pandraru.. In this case, naa opponent en cards full ah show pannanum illanu prove panna. On that time avaru naa enna card la vachiruka pathutaga oru glance.. ippo clockwise la game poitu iruku ippo pblm irukathu nambura.. someone reverse card pottaga.. game anti-clockwise maruthu..
    so, oppenent already naa vachirutha card show panniruka.. avaru ennaku enna card poda kuduthu theriyum. So, enkitta illatha card poturaga.
    My question "Naama kandipa en kitta challenge panna yellow card illanu show pannanuma" or ithuku vera solution iruku bro…
    Please do reply kasta pattu write panniruka.

  14. After first game played, one who had no cards in hand is winner, it means u have O points.. After that you have counted each person's card. Then u said who is having more points is the winner. How is that possible bro??. Who is having less points should be the winner bro… In your game there is no logic. Thats why asking…

  15. Bro card deck la irunthu edutha avanga discard pana kudathu la…

  16. Two doubts bro….
    1. What if the last card is shuffle card?
    2. If 2 person are playing….. Opponent places yellow card and says UNO, I am having yellow card if I place yellow card he will win the game….is there any chance that I can take the card from deck while I am having yellow…

  17. Suppose Challenge pani red card green t shirt potukavanga kita irundhurundha ena panuvanga opponent.?

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