TWISTY PASTARONI TROLLS + AL DUSTY SURPRISE! | Uno Card Game #34 Ft. Vanoss, Jiggly, Moo -

TWISTY PASTARONI TROLLS + AL DUSTY SURPRISE! | Uno Card Game #34 Ft. Vanoss, Jiggly, Moo

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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Vanoss, Moo, & Jiggly got me with the twisty pasta, they weren’t ready for AL DUSTY!




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  1. Ohm gets bullied this episode and it is hilarious

  2. Omg, that ending game was too perfect..!! X'D GG Ohm! 😀 Sweet Jump-Ins! 😛 And, Poor BigJigglyPanda..! xP

  3. I swear every uno video jiggly is in, he’s talking about food at one point or the other…

    I feel that. 😂😂😂 Someone feed this man

  4. I love that Moo says sorry every time he makes someone draw cards. 😂

  5. Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy says:

    18:30 when your skipped so hard you leave this plane of existence, then the computers have to carry your legacy

  6. One of the funniest Uno rounds I have ever seen 😂

  7. Do a prank on someone where you ignore him the whole game

  8. I’m watching people play uno why the fuck am I so entertained by this

  9. Did someone hear an angry "moo"? Because this Moo doesn't like red.

  10. Im so down for the all UNO channel and more Depth videos

  11. That had to be the best UNO game play to date.    Matt C

  12. Watching 4 grown men play uno on a Saturday morning

  13. lol lol lol the end of the video classic

  14. Evan is so quiet sometimes throughout the video that you forget he's there

  15. I love how everyone except Vanoss and ohm was changing it to yellow for jiggly and at the last minute Vanoss was like " fuck you guys" and chose blue for ohm😍😍 love you ohm and even( Vanoss) keep up the subscribers love yaw and yaws videos

  16. I don't think I have ever seen ohm put moo in a thumbnail

  17. Congrats on the 50 win milestone marker

  18. Al Dusty WE WON WITH AL DUSTY!

  19. every time ohm said top decking it sounded like top dicking…XD

  20. And thus a legend was born..may AI Dusty rule over the uno gods

  21. Moo is getting SACKED IN THE MORNING! YOUR GETTING SACKED IN THE MORNING! SACKED IN THE MOOOOOOOORNING! Your getting sacked in the mooooooooorrning.

  22. I clicked on this vid with my headphones rlly loud and was expecting my ears to fall off hearing one of them scream but instead i geg an ad and hear “twinkle twinkle little dick”

  23. 27:00 Ohm you had 2 blue 9s yet you wasted a colour change… With plays like that its no wonder you lose so much.

  24. Karma😂😂😂big jiggly called….AL dusty a short time then AL dustywon the round😂😂(sorry my english was bad)

  25. I have no idea why, but Ohm's life makes me laugh. Not in a bad way, his laugh just sounds so happy.

  26. Alternate episode title: The Fast and the Unos.

    18:00 AI Dusty does not take shit from nobody. If you had been nice, it could have let one of you win. But you mocked its name. From that moment on, your defeat was not a matter of how, but when.

    22:35 Ohm has never seen lag in a game. That's not just lag, it's "South America" lag. Down here we don't get into the information super-highway. We just slowly go through the information dirt roads.

  27. Its hilarious white people think uno is a new game, Drake and Cardi b probably can play better then all of them lol

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