TRUE GENTLEMEN PLAYING UNO! | Uno Card Game #59 Funny Moments Ft. Vanoss, Cartoonz, Brian -

TRUE GENTLEMEN PLAYING UNO! | Uno Card Game #59 Funny Moments Ft. Vanoss, Cartoonz, Brian

Ohmwrecker / Maskedgamer
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  1. Ohmie, you are showing too much skin! put some content on those hands 🤢🤮🤪

  2. Thanks Ohm for giving us something to watch other than Red Dead 2 🙂 It seems that every channel I follow is spamming Red Dead 2 now

  3. I woke up & can't fall back asleep. I'm a cpl vids behind, cuz I'm on a trip visiting a friend. Perfect time to catch up! Ohm= tired but happy 😍

  4. Curious what would happen if you put down a bomb-in-the-deck card and then someone played a random distribution card.

  5. Are those your hands Ohm? What sexy hands you have.

  6. This is old footage, but im fine with that

  7. I love watching all of y'all it makes my day 10 times better I had a panic attack so im glad I found y'all on youtube so I could just watch y'all and make my panic attack go away and my day better I love y'all

  8. It's actually midnight for me as I am watching this. Lol

  9. Who else was trying to decode what he looks like through his hands lol

  10. I usually skip over the sponsor parts of videos but I watched it to see Ohms hands 😂😂 I'm sorry

  11. wasnt expeting cartoonz lol that was kinda refeshing

  12. I'm glad you're getting sponsorships now.

  13. Dollar Shave Club $5 kit IS worth it guys. I cant even be annoyed at the interruption in the video.

  14. Funny how you're sponsered by DollarShaveClub when we're approaching No Shave November

  15. From looking at your hands I can tell that you live near Chicago

  16. The only reveal we need in life: the Ohm hands and we got it.

  17. I clicked the vid so fast cause it had ohmies hands LMAO

  18. Ohm hands! one step closer to a face reveal. Next we're getting an elbow or a knee, right Ohmie?

  19. Love, love, love Rabbits!!! Tell your sponsor that we're not all guys…..

  20. Friend of mine told me there was a "body reveal on his channel" and I got so excited that I just heard FACE REVEAL and I almost broke my screen by trying to get to YouTube to quick… I was tricked and fool haha! But I always love the Uno Videos Ohm!

  21. Terroriser literally got skipped by cartoonz at least 5 times in a row😂

  22. I have never been more shook by hands in my life, like wtf is wrong with me hahahah…

  23. Brian could never have a chance winning because you seem to always know what colour he has.

  24. Ohm just did a hand reveal! Not as good as a face reveal, but it's something I guess?

  25. My mum actually uses the Dollar Shave Club. She doesn't use any of those girly razors since they don't really do her any good. She loves it.

  26. Hi, I love your videos on uno and I just recently got the game for the Black Friday sale. The only problem is, none of my friends play. So, if anyone else who reads this comment is also looking for people to play with, my Ubisoft username is DemonOoOLegion.

  27. It's nice to hang out with your friends and be goofy

  28. This was a really hilarious session of UNO, we were all in a goofy mood and just saying the weirdest stuff. Definitely some meme worthy things in this one haha, oh and I also snuck in a little surprise for you guys in the form of a sponsor message. Let me know what you think of it, it's the first time in a long while I've done something like that. Did you enjoy it? Think it's a good fit? It definitely helps when Youtube is having all sorts of troubles. Let me know! 🙂

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