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Tik Tok Uno Win

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Part 2

How to lose your girlfriend 101 meme

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  1. Evem if the cards werent picked out specifically. Doesnt he still have to wait?

  2. She won not you. When she says uno and puts the last card you can’t put more cards it Doesn’t make

  3. Didn’t she have to play after the guy dropped his first card ?

  4. I hate the fact that a lot of people think this is the way uno is played. Many of y'all need to read the rules.

  5. Don't wanna be that guy but stacking is illegal in uno

  6. When I do that I don't put them all down at once, I make them pick up as I put each card down… gives them hope 🤣

  7. This dude obviously did not shuffle the pack or he’s very lucky person

  8. You can only play the +4s if it's the only card you can play on that turn

  9. There isn't a reverse back. It's the change of rotation dumbass

  10. I’ll wait for u to draw the cards just to let it set in alil deeper

  11. This is so fake… Why do idiots try and present videos as if they arent scripted. She acts surprised but didn't seem to flinch when he brings a camera out to record his handful of cards… Pure BS.

  12. Sure you can play house rules

    But goddamn I don't see how it's fair to just hoard all the Draw, skip, and reverse cards until the end

  13. ueah u cant put a reverse card on the +2 until she picks up those cards.

  14. That's not how you play it was here turn when you put plus 4

  15. And then challenge every play after the first card and watch him have to pick up the entire deck in his hand lol the official rules say you can't chain cards because of infinite loops like that.

  16. Wait thats not how you're supposed to play the game though

  17. That's the funniest Uno thing that definitely didn't happen. 😉

  18. Il a pas gagné car il a pas le droit de mettre des +2 après des +4 n'y l'inverse.

  19. This is why i dont play this card game even online.

  20. Golly, how did he not realize the rules he broke here?

    Edit: To those in the comment section, PLEASE look up what can and can’t be done in Uno on the internet.

  21. My guy whyped out the whole universe

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